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There are a variety of public tertiary institutions in South Africa that offer the opportunity for students to pursue a degree in Psychology. Studying a degree in Psychology will differ depending on various tertiary institutions and the type of Psychology specialisation that a student would like to pursue.

The National Lotteries Commission has donated R4 million in funds to the University of Cape Town. This comes after the university was affected by wildfires that blazed throughout the city's Table Mountain in April.

University of Cape Town (UCT) executives and President Cyril Ramaphosa have released statements on where they stand on the conflict between Palestine and Israel. Both UCT and the President have given their insight on what could bring about a solution.

UCT is in the midst of their restoration process after assessing the damaged that were done to their residences, Jagger Library and various other building. They are working with people all over the world to restore the damaged archives after recovering it from the library. UCT is thankful for all the assistance they have received during this time. 

The Raymond Ackerman Academy of Entrepreneurial Development is a tertiary level academy, situated at the UCT Graduate School of Business adjacent to the V&A Waterfront. It offers an inspiring and innovative six month, full time programme in entrepreneurial development that is directed at young aspiring entrepreneurs who face financial challenges but who are passionate about business and personal development.

A Professor at the University of Cape Town says that the fire which caused destruction to parts the of university's campus has exposed the failures of the university's management. 

Following the devastating fire, the University of Cape Town is now in it's recovery stages. Investigations into the extent of the damage and the cause of the fire continue.

Buti Manamela, the Deputy Minister of Higher Education in our country, took a trip to the University of Cape Town which saw a major tragedy as a fire broke out just last week. The fire has damaged and destroyed various buildings with some major losses seen.

President of the UCT SRC has called out the university's management for its slow response to the recent Cape Town fires. 

The University of Cape Town is working to salvage what's left after a runaway fire on Table Mountain National Park devastated part of the campus including a library and two residences. 


A video showing how students saved their residence from sustaining worse damage from the Cape Town fire is now floating around and even has some viewers in tears. Evacuated students started returning on Thursday.

University of Cape Town students are now able to return to their residences as UCT deems it is safe for them to make their way back. There is also more information on the other UCT buildings that have been severely affected by the Cape Town fire.

UCT is facing as massive loss as their library is completely destroyed by a fire. Officials are now on sight to assess the damage and discuss moving towards the restoration of the library. People are urged to donate to the #UCTFire emergency relief fund.

Now that the fire has been contained at the University of Cape Town, the Vice-Chancellor has said that students who were evacuated from their residences will return in 48 hours. The VC also gave updates on how much damage was done and future plans for UCT.

With the Cape Fire still raging, the University of Cape Town will now start assessing just how much damage was done to the University. UCT's Vice-Chancellor has spoken on the current state of the University.

After a raging wildfire spread through the university's campuses, UCT has announced that all academic activities are suspended for two days. The announcement came hours after all students and staff were evacuated from the university campuses on the slopes of Table Mountain.

UCT has evacuated all students and staff from the upper campus and middle campus as the fire that moved down from the mountain slopes continues to cause havoc at the university.  Students were seen walking down Main Road Rondebosch to find university transport to take them to safety.

A veld fire that started on Sunday morning on the slopes of Table Mountain has destroyed a local restaurant and spread to the UCT campus. Reports have come in of fires burning on upper campus, middle campus and medical campus.

UPDATE at 14:43 UCT SRC advises evacuated res students should meet at Mowbray bus terminal for transport to secure locations.

UPDATE at 13:42 Students evacuating all campuses as strong winds aid the spread of the fire. UCT Sports Centre reported to have caught alight.

The University of Cape Town has opened registrations for returning students. Registrations done on campus will have students seeing that Covid protocols are followed while online registrations take place as well.

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior of humans. It has a multifaceted discipline that includes many subfields in areas such as human development, social behaviour, cognitive processes, health, clinical and many more.