university lockdown

As it stands, no South African University is seen as high risk. This categorisation is based on many aspects of the University itself. Nzimande outlined further plans for Universities in South Africa as we are now on Lockdown Level 1.

Higher Education, just like any other sector right now, is being turned upside down by the pandemic. Some Universities have seen some students return, some are deciding to not have students back and then there are some who can't afford to have students back. There has also been some surprisingly results from students while experiencing a pandemic.

High risk Universities in South Africa are expected to only finish their 2020 academic year in March of next year. With many Universities not having continued their academic programmes and some students having been left in the dark, is this possible? Will these students be able to catch up?

After the gradual return of students started in June, nearly 200 students and staff of Universities in Kwazulu-Natal have tested positive for Coronavirus. Students have been pleading with University management to address these issues and make changes.

It's no secret that there have been many changes to Higher Education due to the lockdown. This leads to students and student organisations such as South African Union of Students demanding that tuition fees be reduced as well as residence fees.

Blade Nzimande, Higher Education Minister, sat down with members from his Department to brief Parliament's Portfolio Committe on what their plan to save the 2020 academic year looks like. Within this briefing, Universities were discussed.

South Africa is in the middle of the national lockdown, ordered by the President. This requires everyone to stay inside. However, there are students on residence who had nowhere to go and have remained on campus.

After the President's instruction for South Africa to participate in a National Lockdown, Higher Education institutions have had to put many contingency plans in place in order to make sure student's education is not disrupted. 

Following the release of footage of University of Zululand international students being imprisoned, students have been questioning the University. The University has since responded and aims to set records straight.