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universities lockdown


All of the students at South African Universities are allowed to return to campuses now that the country is on Lockdown Level 1. Minister Nzimande has given updates on higher education now that we are on level 1.


Covid-19 has completely unsettled everything we knew before. Matrics will now have to wait until April to start University. This virus has also taken away many lives and has affected students and staff in the Higher Education sector greatly with thousands infected and some deaths as well.

uni students

The Department of Higher Education has proposed to not have tuition and residence fees be increased in 2021. Some students at Universities were also reported to not have received data and laptops for online learning to run smoothly. 


The current pandemic and lockdown has forced all Universities to close their doors. This means that their libraries are closed as well. However, students can still access electronic resources using online library services Universities provide. 


The Covid-19 pandemic has left higher education institutions to develop contingency plans to ensure students are able to complete the 2020 academic year. Online learning has been the main move for many institutions and further assistance has been provided to ensure this move was done swiftly.





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