CACH is a system put in place to assists student in find place in a university and college. There is a number of ways to access CACH

If you are a first time student or just finished high school and, getting ready for the next chapter of your academic life but, you're still unsure what to study or what you qualify for, your APS can help. Your APS can show you whether or not you meet the requirement for the tertiary institution you wish to attend.

First time and returning students that are funded by NSFAS can finally stop stressing over funding. NSFAS experienced a huge decline in 2020 regarding money recovered for registration fees. 

Both the demands for a 0% increase and writing off student debt gets denied by Minister Blade Nzimande, as he explains why he can't meet this demand. NSFAS says that the first set of laptops with be received in April.

The 2021 university year if off to a staggered start because, of the Covid-19 pandemic. But Universities South Africa says that it is the right way to go. NSFAS's promise of devices are crucial for this academic year. 

Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande announced that university registrations will be extended by two weeks as NSFAS figures out the delay in providing prospective student funding decisions.

The pandemic has affected education in so many ways and forced changed within the sector. Now, another effect which is being observed is that higher educations saw an increase in applications for 2021.

If you were not given a space at College or University when you applied, you still have a chance to get into University or College through the CACH.

"President Zuma has responded to the Fees Must Fall campaign with a major announcement on student fees for varsity and college students. "