Unisa Registration


The exam period at any university can be quite a stressful time, however, when there are technical difficulties during exams, feelings of anxiety can increase greatly. After experiencing technical difficulties during the exams, Unisa apologised to students for the inconvenience caused.

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has found itself at the centre of protests, following an ongoing dispute. The most recent development has seen the university take the issue to court. 


As exam season approaches students at Unisa may be interested in familiarizing themselves with the Unisa Invigilator App, which will be used to invigilate their upcoming online exams. Here is how to navigate the Unisa Invigilator App. 

Unisa will be using the Moodle Proctoring, the Invigilator App and IRIS proctoring tool. Here is how to use these proctoring tools.

The University of South Africa (Unisa) has profiles for each of its students. This profile mainly has the personal details of each student.


Students at Unisa are required to pay a minimum fee for the course they wish to study. Unisa announced the due date for these payments.

Recently, Unisa students drew up online petitions against their institution. The university has come up with solutions in response to complaints brought forward by students.


Unisa students who have been affected by the postponement of upcoming graduation events may be hearing from the university soon regarding arrangements that are pertinent to their graduation.

Unhappy students at the University of South Africa (Unisa) have drawn up a petition against their institution. Student representatives are engaging with the institution to address the matter at hand.


Unisa is one university that has been operating online, long before the Covid-19 pandemic. The university has upgraded one of its portals, and this is will benefit many students but also create a bump for some.

Unisa students concluded their postgraduate and supplementary examinations in the previous month. However, things did not run smoothly, as there had been a few glitches that negatively impacted students.


If you are looking to study at Unisa in the 2023 academic year, then you may be wondering when their applications will be opening. Keep reading to find out. 

Some students have found themselves struggling to register for their next qualification after not receiving confirmation that they have completed their previous one. Unisa has come forward to explain recent developments in qualification audits. 


The University of South Africa (Unisa) is a mega university that uses various forms of communication platforms for its students to keep in touch. One of those platforms has been badly impacted and this directly affects students.


Annually, close to 50 000 students obtain certificates, diplomas, and degrees from Unisa. Things have been a bit rocky at the mega-university as students are experiencing challenges that could lead to them not continuing with their studies.


Recently, the University of South Africa (Unisa) released a statement announcing that the university’s registrations are being extended. Unisa is the biggest distance learning institution in the country.

The University of South Africa has a list of postgraduate courses that you can choose from once you have passed your undergraduate degree. The applications process is quick and easy.


The registration process in institutions of higher education has transitioned to being paperless, simple, and quicker over the years. If you are a Unisa student, it’s best that you skip queues by registering online.

The University of South Africa is the largest university in South Africa with over 400 000 students, with some of them being undergraduate students. The university has made an announcement that will help many undergraduate students breathe a sigh of relief.  


If you missed out on a chance to apply for a post-grad qualifications at Unisa, there is still a chance for you to submit your application but you have a few days to do so. Here are a few details on how the application process works.