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If you've recently completed your studies at Unisa, you may be wondering when you should expect to receive your official statements and graduation certificates. Keep reading to find out. 

Are you trying to secure funding from NSFAS for your Unisa course but you're unsure whether NSFAS will pay for it? Keep reading to find out whether NSFAS funds Unisa courses. 

Unisa has announced that they'll be extending the deadline to register for some qualifications. Be sure to secure your spot and register as soon as possible. 

Unisa has announced that due to various delays, they have now made some changes to the academic calendar. They have also shifted a few things with tuition and assessments.

Unisa has announced that their registration period for the 2021 academic year is once again being extended. This decision is said to have been made after a court case between Unisa and students.

Unisa will close their registration for 2021 in a few days. Due to Unisa extending their registration, they've also extended their payment dates. Read further to find out more.

Unisa has announced that they'll be extending their registration dates and also made an announcement about students who have financial exclusions. This comes in the midst of students all over South Africa airing their grievances when it comes to financial exclusions affecting registration.

Unisa students experience University in a way other Universities do due to them being a distance University. The question we could then ask is, how much do Unisa students get from NSFAS for NSFAS allowances?

Unisa has made some changes to the registration period for 2021 as the University now announced that there will only be one for 2021. Registration season at Unisa commenced on 5 January.

Registration closing dates are slowly approaching. Please ensure that you register before it is too late. 



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