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Unisa is an open distance e-learning university, which provides students with a flexible study schedule. Careers Portal provides you with the latest Unisa news, announcements and Unisa guidance, even if you need help with your Unisa application we've got you.

This university offers many different qualifications including Unisa higher certificate coursesUnisa diploma courses and degrees at the bachelor, master and doctoral levels. 

Some notable Unisa courses are their Unisa bridging course, Unisa psychology course, Unisa PGCE course, Unisa MBA course, Unisa nursing courses, Unisa health and safety courses, Unisa business management courses and also the Unisa Bachelor of Education course.

We cover information all about Unisa and being a Unisa student including guides on Unisa login, Unisa myLife, your Unisa email and the Unisa library.

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The University of South Africa (Unisa) has found itself at the centre of protests, following an ongoing dispute. The most recent development has seen the university take the issue to court. 


As exam season approaches students at Unisa may be interested in familiarizing themselves with the Unisa Invigilator App, which will be used to invigilate their upcoming online exams. Here is how to navigate the Unisa Invigilator App. 

Unisa students who have been affected by the postponement of upcoming graduation events may be hearing from the university soon regarding arrangements that are pertinent to their graduation.

The University of South Africa is the largest university in South Africa with over 400 000 students, with some of them being undergraduate students. The university has made an announcement that will help many undergraduate students breathe a sigh of relief.  


The University of South Africa (Unisa) has been operating successfully on an open distance learning programme for nearly a century now. For students who aim to pursue this practiced distanced learning format, dates for registration for the academic year of 2022 have recently been released for viewing by the university.

It has been a long and tedious journey for university students, however, they have come out strong. Unisa recently held a graduation ceremony in Pretoria for their Masters and Doctoral graduates.

Are you preparing to write your final exams at Unisa? Below you will find some ideas for exam “dos and don’ts” and actions you can take if anything goes wrong during the exam.

Unisa has announced that their examination period will be starting earlier than planned and will end later. Students will write all their exams online.

Unisa has made announcements concerning it's upcoming exams. Students might remember, not fondly, that this year's exams will be a bit different than previous years.

All Universities are now having to make many changes and adjustments after President Cyril Ramaphosa Level 4 lockdown anouncement. Unisa has now released a statement where various changes for Unisa students are outlined.

The Unisa examinations will be taking place over a single period at the end of the year. Unisa has communicated with regards to the exam timetable and has announced that all exams will be online. 

Unisa has announced that due to various delays, they have now made some changes to the academic calendar. They have also shifted a few things with tuition and assessments.

Unisa's 2021 academic year will commence in March 2021 and they therefore had to make some changes to ensure that all students are able to successfully complete the 2021 academic year. This included declaring that there will only be one examination period for 2021.

Unisa has announced that they will be making changes to the October/November 2020 examination timetable. This comes after the University completed their first semester online examination period which did not come without it's own bumps and delayed side effects such as with the release of results.

Unisa is set to commence their May/June examination period soon. The University has announced the release of the examination timetables for students. 

The University of South Africa (UNISA) is located in Pretoria. They have close to 400 000 students currently enrolled from across South Africa, Africa and the world. The UNISA website states that UNISA is South Africa's most productive University. Their website also claims that close to 50 000 students recieve certificates, degrees and diplomas annually.