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Students at the University of the Free State may have to present vaccination certificates to access campuses next year. This comes as the institution is looking to return students to campus in a way that will prioritize safety and minimise the risk of Covid-19 infections.

Devastating news came to light about the gruesome killing of students from the University of Free State at the Qwaqwa campus this week. 

South Africa is in trouble and it will find it difficult to overcome and build a thriving economy on the back of a divided society. Vice-Chancellor of the University of the Free State, Professor Francis Peterson says the education sector has a role to play.


The University of the Free State has extended the closing date for private accommodation applications after experiencing issues with its system. 


Students at the University of the Free State are wanting to shut down their University's Bloemfontein Campus due to NSFAS not paying their tuition fees and not receiving their NSFAS allowances. 

If you're a student at the University of Free State, then you need to register for ConnectYard to receive important module communications as well as official messages from your university. 

At the University of the Free State they aim to transform lives and inspire excellence. If you want to do the same, apply to study at UFS now.

Universities such as the University of Cape Town, University of Pretoria and University of Free State have joined the Wits protest and are standing up against the police force. Higher Education protests became even louder following the death of an innocent bystander this week as a result of a police bullet.

The University of the Free State has opened their registrations for first years studying in 2021. UFS has thousands of students studying courses offered by the university's 114 different departments.

The University of the Free State extended their closing date for the 2021 registration. They have done this to give students who have not registered yet the opportunity to do so.

The University of Free State Alumni has partnered with the online crowdfunding organization, Feenix to launch a campaign to help pay student fees. 

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The Free State is home to excellent tertiary education institutions. Here is a list of the Universities in Free State.

The University of Free State registration is open for some programmes for the 2021 academic year. Due to the restrictions put in place because of the Covid-19 pandemic, registration will be taking place online. 

Trying to decide where to study further? Well, Free State is home to excellent tertiary education offerings. Studying in Free State, you will be afforded a range of both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Here is a list of the Universities in Free State.

Students at the University of Free State (UFS) are joining other South African Universities as they protest due to them not receiving their NSFAS allowances. The students are now calling for the University management to pay students their allowances out of their own pockets while they wait for NSFAS to disburse allowances.

How much catch up will students with a lack of resources have to do and will they be able to catch up and finish in time? Also, what level will rushed education give them? South Africa's National Lockdown has drastically changed the face of education, with many South African students on the suffering end due to lack of resources. 

Now that South Africa stands at Level 1 of Lockdown and we can taste the return to some version of "normal" on the tips of our tongues, one has to ask the question: So what will happen at Universities once lockdown is over or even the now? Will contact classes still happen?

Students at the University of the Free State had #UFSMustFall trending. This comes from students feeling neglected and unsupported by the institution. UFS has responded. 

Funding your studies does not need to be a big stress as UFS has made many options available to their students. From bursaries to loans to donors, students need not worry. 


University Vaccination Policy - Find out here