The University of Fort Hare has caused frustration amongst students as it was revealed that they are causing the delay of NSFAS allowances. Students have complained that the University is failing.

The University of Fort Hare has opened their registration for the 2021 academic year. The University of Fort Hare is a vibrant, equitable and sustainable African university, committed to teaching and research excellence at the service of its students, scholars and the wider community.

First Year registrations for the 2021 academic year are open at the University of Fort Hare. Keep reading for more information on this. 

A building at the University of Fort Hare was up in flames on Sunday. The University has said that heavy damage was done, but only to the building.

Are you in Eastern Cape wanting to further your studies and you're wanting to know which Universities there are? Look no further, we can help you learn more.

Have you applied to study at the University of Fort Hare and now you want to know where your applicaton stands? Well, here's how to track your application.

After reports came of over 30 students at the University of Fort Hare testing positive for the coronavirus after a night of partying, it is now believed that the cases are actually more. UFH's management is now under fire due to the way they handled the outbreak.

The Health Department is now concerned that and is expecting more cases to emerge from the outbreak seen amongst University of Fort Hare students and that this same situation will occur at other Universities in the country as well. Many fear that student social gatherings will play a major role in the second wave.

The University of Fort Hare has been hit by a Covid outbreak and this has brought about fears in the community. The Department is said to have been alerted about the outbreak amongst the University's students.

Covid-19 and the resulting National Lockdown has affected every aspect of the country immensely, but how have students from historically black Universities been affected? Have they been coping? Are they on par with the rest of the higher education sector?

Many students do not have the resources to participate in an online programme in a way that would have their learning be on track. With a government that mutters 'no student left behind', students have had to deal with the same issues they brought to government's attention months ago. 

Higher Education, just like any other sector right now, is being turned upside down by the pandemic. Some Universities have seen some students return, some are deciding to not have students back and then there are some who can't afford to have students back. There has also been some surprisingly results from students while experiencing a pandemic.

Applications are open at the University of Fort Hare. A part of applying to University is figuring out how you're going to pay fpr your studies. Here are some funding options for you. 

Applications to study at the University of Fort Hare in 2021 are to open in July. 



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