The Teachers Council has launched a handbook for teachers on how to deal with violence at school. Teachers have been facing violence in various forms for years and the Teachers Council is finally acknowledging it. 

Teachers with misconducts are now less likely to be re-employed because, of the amended terms and conditions. The new system finally prevents teachers with sexual misconducts from reentering the institutions and being reinstated. 

Recently an article was released by, which stated that there was a shortage of 24 000 teachers in the country, however according to the Department of Basic Education that was incorrect.

Due to budget cuts the KwaZulu-Natal Education Department does not have the funds required to employ more teachers. The KZN Education Department has requested millions in order to fill the vacant teaching posts.

School children and teachers are being traumatised by high amount of gang violence in surrounding area. A sustainable solution in required to access the issue of gang violence. 

Thousands of Western Cape leaners still remain unplaced as the Department of Educations struggles to fund new infrastructure and teachers. Public schools have now been open for a month. 

With the vaccine rollout going smoothly, the South African Democratic Teachers Union, better known as SADTU, is questioning government's processes. They want government to not only do more but to also prioritise the vaccinations of teachers.

Kwazulu-Natal seems to have a teacher shortage as 4000 teachers need to be replaced and even more might be needed. The province's Matric pass rate has dropped since last year.

The Department of Basic Education's Minister Angie Motshekga has said that parents must still pay school fees at fee-paying schools despite schools closing for extended periods of time due to outbreaks of Covid-19. 

With learners heading back to public schools in less than a week, concern within the sector and within homes grows as we live alongside Covid-19. Some schools are also reported to have shortages of teachers amongst other concerns.

Recently the TPN Credit Bureau conducted a survey which indicated that schools are facing challenges in collecting fees from parents. 

Teacher unions are concerned that too many schools don’t have PPE for their educators as teachers are set to be back on duty at public schools today. The lives and safety of teachers are a big concern when it comes to the reopening of schools.

According to the calendar set out by the Department of Basic Education, school management teams and support staff are expected to return to schools today. 

Some teachers are now showing concern and are worried that even with the delayed reopening of schools, returning to schools still won't be safe for them. Teachers are due back at schools on 1 February with learners following on 15 February.

During COVID-19, the teacher shortages at schools has become quite serious. According to National Teachers Union (NATU), the rotation system that is currently being adopted for students has placed more pressure on teachers and schools are battling to cope.

The 2020 school year has been marked by serious disruption as managing the Covid-19 pandemic has meant the closing of schools. The revised calendar for the school year has been now released and sets out the 156 days of teaching that are still avialable for learners - all the way up till the middle of December.

Schools in the Eastern Cape were given permission to return however they have chosen to postpone the return of Grades R, 6 and 11. This postponement is due to the increase in COVID-19 cases at schools.

The WCED Central released a video which shows what measures will be taken at schools once learners return from 1 June. 

Minister Motshekga has proposed a new date for the first phased-in return of learners to school. This date is based on the success of the preparations that will take place before the phased-in return.

Schools have been the target of a number of crimes that have taken place since the beginning of the lockdown, as they have been unoccupied. This, among other things, has raised concerns about how learners will be able to return to school by the proposed date.