student protest

The school principal at Cornwall Hill College has come out to respond to allegations of racism levelled against the school.


The University of KwaZulu-Natal's SRC president confirms that protests will continue until students demands are met. Students are facing financial exclusion, because bursaries and financial aid schemes are not clearing them for registration.

Nelson Mandela University students protest over unfulfilled promises and the SRC demands that classes get suspended until all their demands are met and all students are able to participate.

Student funding continues to be a challenge for South African students and government. Though there are funding systems in place, none of them seem sustainable enough to solve the issue. 

The SRC of Mangosuthu University of Technology has met with the university's management to discuss issues of financial exclusion and historical debt among others. This comes after protests broke out at the university in which students and the police clashed. 

Police have had to keep a close eye on protests which were taking place outside MUT, DUT and Unisa as some became violent.

Protests turn violent at MUT as protestor and police having running battles. Protestor are demanding that their historic debt but, no middle ground can seem to be reached between students and universities.

As chaos erupts, DUT is forced to close all five Durban campuses. Students have become frustrated and begun protesting over the lack of assistance they are receiving. 

Even though the national shutdown has been called off, students are continuing to protest and take to the streets. The public is fed up but the SA Union of Students argues that students have every right to protest.

The Minister of Higher Education has condemned the vandalism of University property as a result of the student protests and has said that it has amounted to millions of rands in repairs. Students who are found guilty of damaging University property will be followed by law enforcement.

A solution to the current issues regarding higher education and funding is being discussed by the important parties involved and South Africa might have a new funding model available soon for students with historic debt as well as the missing middle.

Students from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology were left stranded after being evicted from their accommodation and terrorised during the night. Students were also charged for criminal acts with a court interdict allegedly being taken out against them.

Staff and students at TVET Colleges have been lodging many complaints when it comes to operations and treatment at institutions. Now, it's been found that all these issues stem from the Colleges being underfunded. 

The South African Union of Students have been urging the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology Dr Bonginkosi Blade Nzimande to meet their demands or further action would be taken. Now, together with the student representative presidents and secretary-generals have resolved to embark on a national shutdown of all universities until their demands are met.



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