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The issue of missing middle funding, along with postgraduate funding, is ongoing. The Minister of Higher Education is now pushing for NSFAS to introduce a loan scheme to support these categories of students.

Students who had their higher education funded by NSFAS are now being encouraged to pay back their student loans. NSFAS has been criticised for their administration and lack of efficiency.

If you do not qualify for bursaries or you're having a hard time finding a scholarship to fund you studies, don't give up just yet. South Africa has a wide variety of bank that are more than will to assist you with a student loan.

Student funding continues to be a challenge for South African students and government. Though there are funding systems in place, none of them seem sustainable enough to solve the issue. 

The are various forms of funding for people who wish to study but can't afford to do so. If you are struggling to find a way to fund you studies, here are some options.

Are you wondering if Fundi funds short courses? Well, keep on reading to find out if they do.

The University of Witwatersrand has opened its online registration for the 2021 academic year, keep reading to find the relevant dates you should register on. 

The University of Witwatersrand, better known as Wits, has opened up their online registration for 2021. Reead further for all important pre-registration and registration information for 2021 along with the necessary documentation information for registration.

Wits has finally decided to refund students for the services which were not used as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. These services include catered student meals, accommodation, and a few others for the 2020 academic year.


Mumtaaz Emeran posted a video on social media, asking for help with settling her debt at Wits University. To her amazement, many people responded to her post.

In society today, there are many students that are not fortunate enough to pursue their dreams of studying. “These days, we are all told how important it is to have some qualification, other than a matric certificate”, says Candice Grobler. One of the many options that are available to students is to apply for a student loan.

Funding the missing middle has been a growing concern. The Minister of Higher Education has confirmed that they are looking into providing the missing middle with a loan scheme from NSFAS. 

Standard Bank offers a student loan to all Standard Bank and non-Standard Bank account holders. You can get a laptop and pay for your full time or part-time studies at an interest rate of 7.75%.

Letting finances stop you from studying is a major problem we see all around us. There are many funding options available for students who are financially needy and want to pursue a qualification after matric. 

Standard Bank has announced measures to assist full time students who may be struggling to repay their student loans over the coming months. This could be either directly because of coronavirus or because of the damage to the economy as the result of the economic slowdown expected by the special measures taken. Many students supplement their income with restaurant or bar work and that sector is particularly hard hit with new rules requiring that they stop selling alcohol at 9pm during the week.

Students have begun receiving their learning materials allowances. Since the change from vouchers to cash, university students are encouraged to spend their allowances in ways that benefit their education. Rather than using their allowances for other unrelated expenses. This change has also affected academic industry sales and businesses. Critiques have also shown concern about the effect the change to cash would have on students' academics. 

Applications poured in this year for funding from NSFAS for university and TVET College study.  The number of applications was above 360 000 when the organisation last announced figures, although only about 10% of applications were for TVET College.  NSFAS has now confirmed the dates for when students will find out whether they have been funded or not.



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