student debt

The University of Johannesburg has launched a campaign to raise R27 million which will go towards paying students outstanding historical debt. They hope to reach this goal by the end of the year. 

With the March 2021 protests against university student debts, it has become clear that few changes have been made to correct the ongoing issue around tertiary education funding. 


Student debt in the country amounts to billions of rands. This student debt is also behind students not having their certificates and being in limbo after finishing University.

A pat on the back is in order for the student representative council at Wits who raised R4 million to pay student registration fees and student debt. This is part of a bigger goal in their '21 million in 2021 Campaign'.

The start of the academic years signals a lot of conversations about to begin. With historical debt, NSFAS and registration issues and now with a pandemic at play, the start of the 2021 academic year has already been bumpy.

Converse has pledged R2 million to help students pay their student debt in South Africa. Student debt is a massive issue in the country and now, many initiatives and students are looking for ways to help the crisis.

Feenix is now open for registration. Register with Feenix to be a part of an organisation that aims to eliminate the stress of debt from your studies.

The University of the Western Cape (UWC) has students once again engaging in #UWCShutdown in pursuit of their demands. Students at the institution are protesting for debts to be cleared and for more accommodation to be provided. 

UKZN crisis on campus continues as students engage in the burning of buildings and destruction of vehicles. Student's concerns have turned into violent demands with majority of their campuses affected.