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STADIO School of Fashion (formerly Lisof) is delighted to unveil the winners of the first-ever Comic Con Africa Sew-A-Thon competition which was held on Saturday, 11 June 2022 at the Randburg campus in Johannesburg.

STADIO Higher Education’s School of Education has recently introduced an Advanced Diploma in Technical and Vocational Teaching to build lecturing capacity in the South African vocational sector.

Stadio is a compilation of four highly prestigious institutions – Southern Business School, Embury Institute for Higher Education, LISOF, and Prestige Academy – with a collective experience of over 100 years in the education sector.


In a bid to establish a financially sustainable future for both its students and the domestic fashion sphere, STADIO School of Fashion (SSOF) has revealed two exciting new collaborations that centre around the world of work and aspects of giving back to the local community through circular fashion.

Stadio has opened their 2023 applications for Contact Learning courses. The institution offers more than 50 accredited qualifications through contact, distance and blended learning to over 20 000 students. 

Students who would like to attend Stadio will need to complete their applications online. Here's how you can submit an online application to Stadio.

Stadio School of Education offers a variety of courses that are paid per semester. Students will need to pay fees per module for the semester before or on the specified date released by Stadio.

STADIO has brought together four highly prestigious institutions, including Southern Business School, Embury Institute for Higher Education, LISOF and Prestige Academy, with a collective experience of over 100 years in providing quality, affordable higher education.

Would you like to study at STADIO? Find out how to apply to study at STADIO below.

STADIO is a new tertiary institution which offers higher education which meets industry requirements and accommodates students' diverse lifestyles. So what courses does STADIO's faculty of education offer? 


If you're wanted to study Business, you should definitely consider STADIO School of Commerce. Careers Portal spoke to STADIO and got some insight into fees, courses, campuses and how to apply.

STADIO's School of Commerce offers a wide range of specialised postgraduate and undergraduate degrees. Dr Antje Hargarter sat down with Careers Portal to give some insight into what the Stadio School of Commerce does.

Are you interested in studying at Stadio's School of Commerce? Dr Antje Hargarter, head of Stadio School of Commerce, had a chat with Careers Portal where she explained how to apply.

STADIO has now opened their applications for those wanting to study further with them in 2022. They want to make sure every South African has the opportunity to become the most empowered version of themself so apply now!

Stadio School of Fashion offers many different qualifications for anyone who is interested in going into the fashion industry. They are strongly student centered and also have funding options available for financially needy students.

Stadio School of Fashion is working for a sustainable and ethical future, leading by example for the South African fashion industry. Their student lookbooks are now live for public viewing.

If you're keen on exploring the fashion industry, Stadio School of Fashion offers a number of short courses for all different types of fashion students.

2021 Applications for Stadio are now open. Here is how you can apply and what the institution has to offer.