SRD grant

Government started the Special Relief of Distress grant (SRD grant) as a way to support citizens who are unemployed and receive no other income during the Covid-19 pandemic. This grant sees beneficiaries receive R350 payments every month, which is why many have called it the R350 grant.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has indicated that the R350 Social Relief of Distress Grant may be extended beyond March next year. The president was speaking during a virtual address to Cosatu's three day Central Committee gathering. 



So you've submitted your R350 grant application and you then head in and do a SASSA grant status check. Your SRD grant application status might reflect as 'Application Outcome' here's what that means.

Many applicants for the SASSA R350 grant are left with a status saying 'Pending' and don't know what this means or where their application is. Read more to find out what this means and also what happens to your application after you apply. 

The South African Social Services Agency (SASSA) has announced a deadline for Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant beneficiaries to change their payment methods to bank accounts. 

The R350 Covid-19 grant has been reintroduced to South Africans but many say that they still face issues of trying to access the grant as well as issues of fraud.

SASSA started paying their first batch of applicants for the COVID-19 SRD grant. This R350 grant was introduced last year to support unemployed individuals receiving no other grants during the pandemic. After being cut at the beginning of this year, the government announced that that they had the funds to reinstate the grant.


As of 11 August 2021, SASSA has received more than 5 million COVID-19 SRD Grant applications. These applications have increased due to the rise in the unemployment rate in South Africa.

While communities say they welcome the reinstatement of the R350 social relief grant, many argue that it's way too little and does not go far enough to cover their basic needs. The grant will be in place until March 2022.

If you are a beneficiary of a SASSA grant or the Covid-19 Special Relief of Distress Grant of R350 per month, here is how you can correct your details. SASSA assists poor and vulnerable individuals by administering various grants.

Human rights activists, Black Sash is calling for the Special R350 Covid-19 SRD grant which came an end on 30 April 2021, to be extended to unemployed people especially now that South Africa is on a Level 4 lockdown. 


If you have applied for an appeal for the SASSA R350 SRD grant and are not sure what to do from there, we're here to help. Here is what happens after you appeal and how to track your appeal.

SASSA says they are working to resolve the delay of R350 grant payments after apologizing for the second time. Though they only state that payments will be made soon, South African citizens who rely on the grant are becoming aggravated by the delay.

Unpaid applicants of the Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress Grant could still receive payments once their applications are approved. SASSA says, they will pay approved applicant as soon as a confirmation of the applications approval has been received.

SASSA beneficiaries have found that when they go to Post Offices to fetch their SASSA grant money, they are told to go home. SASSA has now addressed this issue and has also given a number for beneficiaries to call when they encounter this issue.

Following all the buzz around the R350 grant offered by SASSA which comes to an end this month, many calls have come for government to introduce a Basic Income Grant. Well, President Ramaphosa has now addressed it.

About 20% of applicants for the R350 SRD grant were rejected by SASSA due to being IRP5 registered, but what does this mean? Keep reading to find out.  

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has came under fire for only appointing a team of 10 staff members to handle thousands of appeals made by people who applied for the R350 Covid-19 social relief distress (SRD) grant and were rejected. 

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has started protesting against SASSA and decisions they have made concerning providing financial support to South Africans during the pandemic. They are calling this the 'EFF Labour Desk March' as they march to the Department of Labour and SASSA offices.

“I heard the government extended the grant for three months, but I am still waiting for my first payment to be approved” Residents of Orlando in Soweto, Johannesburg say they joined the line outside this post office as early as 4am in the hope of getting their R350 Covid-19 relief grants this week.

President Ramaphosa announced that SASSA is going to extend their Special Relief Distress grant of R350 for another three months. However, despite the grant being extended, the agency won't be taking new applications.