As many countries begin to implement restrictions on unvaccinated citizens, the thought of mandatory vaccinations grows stronger amongst both academic and medical professionals. With these sentiments around the vaccine being on the rise, the UCT Student Representative Council (SRC) has circulated a survey to gage UCT students’ thoughts on the matter.

President of the UCT SRC has called out the university's management for its slow response to the recent Cape Town fires. 

The University of KwaZulu-Natal's SRC president confirms that protests will continue until students demands are met. Students are facing financial exclusion, because bursaries and financial aid schemes are not clearing them for registration.

Wits SRC assists many students with registration by starting their own fundraiser. Though protesting has died down, we have not seen the end of the movement for free education, public policing and justice. 

Wits University SRC tries delaying the reopening of the university in an attempt to gain free education, but the university claims they do not have the resources to provide free education. Wits does however have multiple other financial aid schemes in place to support their students.

The EFF Student Command wants to take Higher Education, Science and Innovation Minister Blade Nzimande to court due to his alleged decision to exclude more than 20 000 first year students from studying at Unisa. 

North West University's Student Representative Council is calling for compliance with COVID-19 lockdown regulations and to have action taken against those who go against the regulations. The University's management is now being called into question.

Blade Nzimande has responded to allegations that the NSFAS N+ rule targets student leaders. The Higher Education Minister has also said that his Department aims to standardise Student Representative Council elections and to also have Government support SRCs more.

Covid-19 has forced Universities to use online learning to continue their academic programme. Now, many Wits students want to de-register as they can't cope with online learning and are having issues balancing the workload. 

UKZN has still not had a moment of reconciliation between management and students in the midst of continuing protest action. Further memorandums have been issued to management as students become louder in addressing their demands. Registration has been extended. 

UWC has had it's academic programme and campus return back to normal this week. However, aftermath of protest action and negotiations continue amongst SRC members and University Executives.