south african union of students


The South African Union of Students is a students structure that launched in April of 2006. They are committed to building a unified, equitable, non-sexist, non-racial, democratic and well governed education system that is appropriate and responsive to the needs of South Africa,

In a recent statement the South African Union of Students has detailed the negative impact that load shedding has had on tertiary students, calling for an intervention to the power crisis experienced across the country. 

Devastating news came to light about the gruesome killing of students from the University of Free State at the Qwaqwa campus this week. 

NSFAS allowances are now in the process of being released to students. Students have also begun receiving their funding decisions for 2021 and in turn, can now register. These were demands from students and with them some of them being met, the national shutdown has been called off.

Following meetings with Student Representative Council members and the Minister of Higher Education, the South African Union of Students has now put an end to the national shutdown with immediate effect. Students all over South Africa were protesting for free education and for students with debt to be allowed to register.

Students are continuing their fight towards free education along with other demands as the National Shutdown is still in effect. 18 Universities have already joined protests and the South African Union of Students has said that this number will grow.

The South African Union of Students joins students across the country as protests for free education and other demands take place. The Union has said that NSFAS is failing students, even with the switch to a bursary scheme.

The South African Union of Students have expressed their displeasure with the death which allegedly is a result of plice bullets. They have also issued a list of demands to the Higher Education Minister which included NSFAS funding, free education and registration.

Student Union, the South African Union of Students (SAUS) believes that higher education is in crisis and that the delay of NSFAS laptop deliveries and data, Unisa's latest action and limited access is the cause of it.

Students have started a petition urging NSFAS and the Higher Education Minister to meet in the middle and provide support to those who are seen as "too rich to qualify for NSFAs but too poor to pay their fees", the missing middle. This comes after a mostly negative response to NSFAS' decision to unfund thousands of students.

The South African Union of Students, and many others, have been responding to the news that NSFAS pulled the funding of 5000 students. SAUS has now said that if the financial aid scheme doesn't make this right, they will take legal action. 

The South African Union of Students has said that NSFAS pulling funding from thousands of students was the wrong step for the financial aid scheme to take. The NSFAS Administrator does however defend the decision made and has said that it was an improvement.

Students at Mangosuthu University of Technology have not received laptops, and even data, to take part in online learning. This is a major setback for these students and they want their concerns heard. They believe they are experiencing the effects of corruption at the University.

The South African Union of Students is speaking up against the two-tier education system that has come as a result of the Department's handling of Covid-19. Many differences were seen in how institutions were able to handle the move to online learning as some students have still not been provided with learning materials, data and devices to make online learning possible.

The Minister announced that students who are not funded and affected by the N+ rule and have issued appeals will have their applications looked at more closely. This process is currently underway as Universities submit information to NSFAS. 

South African Union of Students (SAUS) has said that the Department needs to deliver on their promises made to students and that vulnerable and missing middle students need more from them. The Union has said that more was expected from Nzimande's media briefing, but does applaud some decisions made. 

It's no secret that there have been many changes to Higher Education due to the lockdown. This leads to students and student organisations such as South African Union of Students demanding that tuition fees be reduced as well as residence fees.

South African Union of Students member, Bongani Mahlangu, spoke on POWER Drive about the negative impact online learning could have on students with disabilities.

South African Union of Students (SAUS) responded to Higher Education Minister, Blade Nzimande’s plans to save the 2020 academic year as they declared ‘SAUS Rejects Two-Tier.They believe that the strategies in place does not cater for all students.

South African Union of Students also known as SAUS says the Minister of Higher Education has 2 days left to respond to the demands of students. They are representative of all Student Representative Councils across the country.