schools reopening

Parents and learners have been gathering outside Sinenjongo High school in Joe Slovo park in the hope of finding placement at the school. They are among more than 8,600 learners still to be placed at schools in the Western Cape.

By Peter Luhanga

No learning and teaching has taken place at Mthengeni High School due to learners blocking the entrances to the school. These learners demanded that more classrooms be built to ease the issue of overcrowding at the school.


According to the Western Cape Education Department, over 10 000 learners still need to be placed at schools in the province.

The 2021 school year has begun. However, a Union in Limpopo has said that schools in the province were not ready to open as a multitude of issues arise.

After heavy rains damage roads and water infrastructure, schools in Mpumalanga were forced to stay closed. Provincial Education authorities announced that these challenges are being addressed, in collaboration with other departments.


A school in Port Elizabeth is now being shut down by parents as protests, burning tyres and song included, continue over infrastructure issues. The School Governing Body believes that the district office is stealing the schools's money.

Now that schools are reopening there have been calls for the Department of Basic Education to address the inequalities in education as they have especially been brought to light due to the effects of Covid-19. 


Ahead of the reopening of schools this week, the Western Cape Education Department has said that it does not believe that schools are superspreaders of Covid-19.

Yesterday marked the official start of the 2021 school year for public schools in the country. So how did the first day of school go? Were schools prepared enough?

Schools have now opened up for the 2021 school year. However, thousands of learners in the Eastern Cape have still not been placed in schools and this is of course a major concern.