schools reopen

As learners have their first day of school for the third term, the Western Cape Education Department reports that 80% of it's school staff has been vaccinated. The basic education sector kicked off their vaccine rollout on 23 June.

Schools have reopened in Phoenix despite fears that racial tensions could impact learning. The MEC for Education in KwaZulu-Natal has also confirmed that schools have reopened successfully without any incidents of violence.

Learners are four days away from being back in class as the third term kicks off. With many events currently taking place in the country, the Basic Education Minister will be briefing South Africans this weekend on what is happening within the school sector.

With the department having released the new school calendar and reopening dates, they are now concerned that these delays will set schools back. Learners are set to be back at schools in less than a week.

South African schools are set to reopen to start with their second term of the 2021 academic year. Schools were forced to close due to Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement of alert level 4 lockdown restrictions, continue to read for more.

The Department of Basic Education has now said when schools will re-open as well as what type of timetable schools will be following. With level 4 lockdown put in action, all schools had to close early.

In the last two week, the number of unplaced school children for the 2021 academic year has decreased as they have found placement at schools across South Africa.

According to the Western Cape Education Department, over 10 000 learners still need to be placed at schools in the province.

After heavy rains damage roads and water infrastructure, schools in Mpumalanga were forced to stay closed. Provincial Education authorities announced that these challenges are being addressed, in collaboration with other departments.


Schools have now opened up for the 2021 school year. However, thousands of learners in the Eastern Cape have still not been placed in schools and this is of course a major concern.

Teacher's unions are concerned about the state of readiness of many schools across the country as their survey showed that a large amount of schools were not fully equipped to reopen on 15 February. 

Let's get this 2021 school year rolling! Today officially marked the first day learners are at public schools. This comes after the reopening dates were delayed due to the pandemic.

Minister Angie Motshekga will speak this weekend on schools reopening. There are now three days left until public schools welcome learners back.

Learners are set to return to school on 15 February 2021. However, not all learners have received the same amount of support during the pandemic.

Limpopo is only one of the many provinces which have a shortage of textbooks and workbooks for learners. With public schools set to reopen in less than a week, this is definitely a cause for concern.

With learners heading back to public schools in less than a week, concern within the sector and within homes grows as we live alongside Covid-19. Some schools are also reported to have shortages of teachers amongst other concerns.

A survey presented by teacher unions has revealed that many schools across South Africa are not yet ready to reopen the schools and welcome learners back. 

Last week, the DBE announced that the reopening of schools would take place on 15 February 2021, which is two weeks later than the initial date. This decision has caused some to be concerned about how it will affect the academic year.

Schools and tertiary institutions are set to reopen during lockdown level 2, says Jackson Mthembu.

South African schools are feeling pressure to close due to the spike in new COVID-19 cases. With teachers, parents and experts also giving their views on this matter.