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A Cape Town school is now being criticised for allegedly violating Covid protocols which should be followed when a positive case is found at the school. A parent at the school claims that this has even lead to a Matric learner being victimised by the school principal.

After speculation came that the October school holidays might be cancelled to make up for lost time, the department saw many objections. Now, the October school holidays remain in place.

Major losses have been seen due to the Covid-19 pandemics. Concerns grow day by day when it comes to learners being behind and having missed out on massive chunks of teaching and learning time.

Learners at a Durban school have not been in school for weeks. The school is said to owe the municipality hundreds of thousands of rands in water bills.

Many schools in South Africa are currently facing a shortage of classrooms. Some schools also have a lack of running water and see major damage needing to be repaired for years.

When looking at timelines and just how many days learners have not been in school for over the past two years, it's quite obvious that Covid has flipped the schooling sector upside down. Major losses in teaching and learning have now been seen.

The Department of Basic Education has given further insight into why they are considering cancelling the upcoming October school holidays. Unions and parents have come out and spoken against this potential move by the department.

A decrease is now being seen in Northern Cape schools with the number of Covid cases being reported. Schools across the country are currently battling with a rise in Covid cases.

Even though the country is now seeing a rise in infections with Gauteng recording thousands of new cases daily, the Education Department has said that schools will still be opening with full capacity. The Gauteng Education Department also gave some insight into what would happen should a positive case be found.

Julius Malema is now demanding that the Department of Basic Education closes schools as the country experiences a third wave of Covid-19 infections. He also put a time limit on this demand and threatened action from the EFF should it not happen.

With government announcing that all primary schools will return to school in the third term and the country experiencing the third wave, one would then wonder if a full-capacity return would be safe. The third term is set to commence on 26 July.

Northern Cape is currently experiencing the third wave with schools in the province seeing an increase in cases and 79 having been closed since the beginning of May. With this, the Department of Basic Education announced that all primary school learners will be returning full-time to school pretty soon.

With Covid-19 cases rising in South Africa and with more and more schools seeing Covid outbreaks, Unions are now calling for schools to close now. The previous waves saw many educators lose their lives to Covid, which Unions want to avoid with this wave.

The country is heading into the third wave with some provinces already experiencing it and this is evident as more schools close their doors due to Covid-19 outbreaks. Now, five schools have closed in the Northern Cape.

A school in Gauteng has had to close after many learners tested positive for Covid-19. This comes after another school in the province experienced a cluster outbreak and was forced to close.