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The Department of Basic Education employed more than 300 000 teachers assistants to help teachers across South Africa as they faced the new challenges brought about by Covid-19 pandemic. You may be wondering what their duties are at school, well keep reading to find out. 


With Treasury on board, the Department of Basic Education will have the teacher assistants programme up and running for a second time around. It's said that these assistants will be of major help and assist schools to cope.

The Department of Basic Education is concerned over the 750 000 learners who have dropped out of schools across the country over the span on the past year during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The deputy President of South Africa, David Mabuza, has shared his concerns about the recurring high rate of school dropouts. Read further for more. 

Round two might be coming up for teacher assistants with Minister Motshekga saying the new school regulations could need teacher assistants to be hired again. Primary schools have returned to the traditional daily timetable.

Damage from looting activities in Kwazulu-Natal and Gauteng spread as far as schools. Now, Government has been told that these damages amount to a cost of R140 million with no answers being given as to where this money will come from.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the many disruptions it birthed, South African schools and it's learners are a year behind. The pandemic has also largely impacted the rate of dropouts in the country.

This pandemic has resulted in many losses, one of them being class and valuable teaching time. For over a year now, schools have not seen normalcy with online classes and rotational timetables being the centre of schools. The dropout rate has also worsened.

Residents of Cape Town have been living in fear the past few weeks as taxi violence continues. With schools reopening from 26 July, there is now concern about how taxi violence could impact the return to schools.

Today is the first day of the third term, even for those schools affected by looting in Gauteng and Kawzulu-Natal. Keep reading to find out how this went and the plans the department has to recover.

We have officially reached the 26th of July which means that learners in South Africa return to schools today. Over the past weekend, the Basic Education Minister gave details on how this return to school will go along with the department's plans.

The education sector has seen some bumps here and there with it's vaccination rollout but Minister Motshekga has said that there won't be a shortage of doses for the sector. Their goal is to vaccinate 583 000 people by 8 July.

The Department of Education in Gauteng says about 20 schools have been closed interchangeably between 1-3 days since February, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The province is experiencing the third wave of Covid infections.

With the vaccine rollout going smoothly, the South African Democratic Teachers Union, better known as SADTU, is questioning government's processes. They want government to not only do more but to also prioritise the vaccinations of teachers.

Schools are due to open this month but with the country going through the crisis of the second Covid wave, many are now speaking against schools reopening. A survey done showed that over 50% of adults do not agree with schools reopening.

With schools reopening soon and no word from the Department on it being pushed back yet, National Teachers' Union believes that schools are not ready to open yet with concerns about teachers being raised as well.

With the 2021 school year looking uncertain now that South Africa experiences a second wave of infections, the Department of Basic Education has now said where they currently stand in terms of when schools will be opening.

The Minister of Basic Education has offered more clarity about the proposed school calendar. She has addressed the uproar on social media and confirmed that the Education sector will open on the 4th of May, based on a detailed phased-in approach.