school calendar


The Department of Basic Education has now released the proposed calendar for the 2024 school year. The 2024 school year will be made up of 43 weeks.

The Department of Basic Education has recently released the final version of the school calendar for 2022. The calendar gives more details on how the department will break down the 43 week-long school year between all schools in inland and coastal provinces.

The South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) is calling for changes to be made to the current academic calendars that inland and coastal schools follow. The union believes this change will be good for the schooling system,

After speculation came that the October school holidays might be cancelled to make up for lost time, the department saw many objections. Now, the October school holidays remain in place.

When looking at timelines and just how many days learners have not been in school for over the past two years, it's quite obvious that Covid has flipped the schooling sector upside down. Major losses in teaching and learning have now been seen.

The Department of Basic Education has given further insight into why they are considering cancelling the upcoming October school holidays. Unions and parents have come out and spoken against this potential move by the department.

2 August marked the first day we saw primary school learners return to school at full capacity. However, this wasn't the case for all schools in South Africa. Unions are now concerns about overcrowding and the resources available at school for schools to be safe during the pandemic.

From today, primary schools all over the country will be welcoming all learners back full-time. This will however not be happening at every single school in South Africa and here's why.

Primary schools in the country saw an influx of learners this morning as all learners are now back in class at full capacity everyday, abandoning the rather problematic rotational timetable. There have been mixed reactions when it comes to this change.

The day has finally arrived. Following the President's level 4 announcement, all schools will be closed from today for an early start to the July holidays. 

Teachers have finally received some response to the many calls for their vaccinations to be priortised. However, no date has been set for when these vaccinations will take place.

Even though the country is now seeing a rise in infections with Gauteng recording thousands of new cases daily, the Education Department has said that schools will still be opening with full capacity. The Gauteng Education Department also gave some insight into what would happen should a positive case be found.

With this year flashing by, schools opened for their second term today. We are still under the threat of Covid-19 which impacts schools as well and the Department might be making some changes.

On Friday morning, Deputy Minister of Basic Education, Reginah Mhaule, addressed whether schools will be reopening as scheduled or later which could also then affect the 2021 school calendar. This announcement follows meetings with the National Coronavirus Command Council.

The 2020 school year has been marked by serious disruption as managing the Covid-19 pandemic has meant the closing of schools. The revised calendar for the school year has been now released and sets out the 156 days of teaching that are still avialable for learners - all the way up till the middle of December.

The Department of Basic Education has released the amended school calendar for 2020. The calendar shows what the rest of the school year will look like for learners across the country. 

Government has released a draft calendar detailing what the new school year could possibly look like. This calendar provides details of a proposed new term structure, school holidays and a way forward for learners in grades 7 and 12. However these dates aren't finalised and we have to wait for the Minister to confer with the Cabinet.