Engagements between student bodies, higher education, and management at institutions of higher learning are vital. A student body and other relevant stakeholders held a meeting that will affect NSFAS funded students, however, the body is still waiting for the Scheme to formally publish the updated guidelines and policies.


Before President Cyril Ramaphosa stood on the podium at the Cape Town City Hall, there were many expectations from departments of government, opposition parties, and most importantly, fellow South Africans. The post education and training sector has had its fair share of long-standing challenges in the past years, and a student union has shared what it expected from the President's speech. 


Students will soon be returning to their respective campuses for the 2022 academic year. The past two years of learning were not easy for students and this is one of many issues that a student union is concerned about as students are expected to be on campus soon.


A student union body has stated that it is opposed to the recent adoption of mandatory vaccination policies by a number of universities nationwide. This comes as universities collectively reintroduce mandatory vaccination policies as a precautionary measure against a new Covid-19 variant in preparation for the next academic year. 



The Eskom blackouts have been nothing but a living nightmare in the day to day running of South Africa. This has led to mixed reactions and the lack of confidence in the power utility, Eskom, as people lose patience. 

Devastating news came to light about the gruesome killing of students from the University of Free State at the Qwaqwa campus this week. 

Although the South African Union of Students welcomed the Higher Education Minister's recent speech, the union says there are a number of issues that remain unattended. Careers Portal caught up with SAUS Secretary, Lukhanyo Daweti, to get a sense of where the sector needs to make improvements including within NSFAS. 

The South African Union of Students has called out SABC news for false reporting. This comes after the public broadcaster reported an unverified story that Student Representative Counsels  are concerned that positive COVID-19 cases could continue to rise if residences remain open.

The South African Union Students recently completed their annual conference where they discussed the many difficult issues facing South African students.  The Careers Portal interviewed incoming SG Lukhanyo Daweti and he told us that the union is calling for an aggressive and clear strategy from the government in its implementation of blended learning amid the Covid pandemic. 


NSFAS allowances are now in the process of being released to students. Students have also begun receiving their funding decisions for 2021 and in turn, can now register. These were demands from students and with them some of them being met, the national shutdown has been called off.

Following meetings with Student Representative Council members and the Minister of Higher Education, the South African Union of Students has now put an end to the national shutdown with immediate effect. Students all over South Africa were protesting for free education and for students with debt to be allowed to register.

Students are continuing their fight towards free education along with other demands as the National Shutdown is still in effect. 18 Universities have already joined protests and the South African Union of Students has said that this number will grow.

The South African Union of Students joins students across the country as protests for free education and other demands take place. The Union has said that NSFAS is failing students, even with the switch to a bursary scheme.

The South African Union of Students have expressed their displeasure with the death which allegedly is a result of plice bullets. They have also issued a list of demands to the Higher Education Minister which included NSFAS funding, free education and registration.

Unisa's decision to accept fewer first-entering students in 2021 has not been received well. Now, the University's Student Representative Council along with the EFF Student Command are wanting to take both the University and the Minister in charge of higher education, to court.

Student Union, the South African Union of Students (SAUS) believes that higher education is in crisis and that the delay of NSFAS laptop deliveries and data, Unisa's latest action and limited access is the cause of it.

Students have started a petition urging NSFAS and the Higher Education Minister to meet in the middle and provide support to those who are seen as "too rich to qualify for NSFAs but too poor to pay their fees", the missing middle. This comes after a mostly negative response to NSFAS' decision to unfund thousands of students.

The South African Union of Students, and many others, have been responding to the news that NSFAS pulled the funding of 5000 students. SAUS has now said that if the financial aid scheme doesn't make this right, they will take legal action. 

The South African Union of Students has said that NSFAS pulling funding from thousands of students was the wrong step for the financial aid scheme to take. The NSFAS Administrator does however defend the decision made and has said that it was an improvement.

Students at Mangosuthu University of Technology have not received laptops, and even data, to take part in online learning. This is a major setback for these students and they want their concerns heard. They believe they are experiencing the effects of corruption at the University.