sassa payment dates 2019

The R350 grant will be coming to an end at the end of April. The Black Sash has called on government to not put an end to the grant. 

The President's recent announcement of the extension of the R350 grant has been met with mixed feelings. Concerns have been raised about other grants and why they will not be extended like the R350 grant.

The R350 grant introduced by SASSA to relieve distress during the pandemic is set to come to an end this month in October. Many calls have come from organisations and unions all over the country for the grant to be extended. It has now been said that if the grant is not extended, a crisis will erupt in the country.

The C19 Peoples Coalition, an NGO, is calling for an extension of the COVID-19 Social Relief Grant into next year and are also calling for changes to be made to it. This R350 grant from SASSA is set to end at the end of this month, which is a reality that many do not want to see.

Once again, fraud is alive and is doing the rounds. SASSA has now warned beneficiaries of fake messages going around. As grants from SASSA become more and more in demand, warnings to applicants of any fake responses have become more common. 

Many residents of South Africa have still not received all their payments from SASSA's R350 Special Relief Distress Grant and have received no word on when it will get paid. 

SASSA launched a new application tool portal this week to make lives of future beneficiaries easier. This system is now seeing technical glitches in it's early days. SASSA also recently paid hundreds of social grants to individuals in Namibia. 

SASSA has launched an online applications tool for grants. This will save a lot of individual's time and energy with not being stuck in snaking queues which take hours. This portal can be accessed through computers and cellphones.

Scores of foster parents in the Eastern Cape say they have not received their foster child grant payments of R1,290 this month. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the grant was upped by R250 from the usual R1,040 for six months.

A 51-year-old doctor appeared in the Durban Specialised Commercial Crimes court after defrauding SASSA of R25 million. The doctor worked for SASSA during the time that he defrauded the agency of millions.


Reports have been circulating on social media about scammers pretending to be SASSA agents. The scammers promise beneficiaries that they can swop their SASSA cards for food vouchers. This is not the first time that scammers have taken advantage of unsuspecting beneficiaries.

Calls have been made from South Africans to make the R350 grant, or something like it, permanent outside of lockdown. SASSA has, on the other side, not paid millions who qualify for the grant. This, as reports came that the grant was paid to thousands who should not have qualified in the first place.

Tens of thousands of individuals who should not have qualified for the R350 grant still received payments for it. This comes from the Auditor-General's report which showed billions of rands in fraudulent activities being generated from South Africa's response to Covid-19.

SASSA will now be introducing a new system which might save many South Africans a lot of time and energy. This new system also comes after many complaints were lodged by SASSA recipients and others who witnessed this great inconvenience as well.

The police have managed to crack down on another criminal hoping to cheat SASSA applicants out of their money. SASSA recently committed itself to work with the police to develop an anti-fraud strategy to fight criminals trying to cheat the system.

Copies of SASSA grant applications were found on the streets of Ndwedwe, north of Durban. The Post Office has had to answer for how this sensitive information ended up in the streets.

A former SASSA employee took advantage of the social grant payment system and managed to defraud SASSA of R1.2 million. Corruption has become the new normal in South Africa, but it seems the justice system is slowly catching up.


SASSA has fallen victim to yet another attempt to scam unsuspecting hopefuls. It has warned the public to be careful of emails that are not from SASSA officials.

Some of the 4 million approved applicants of the R350 grant have complained about not receiving payments. SASSA has now clarified how it will resolve this. 

SASSA has added Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) to the Whatsapp line. This will make it easier for you to get answers to questions you might have about the R350 grant. 


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