sassa grant payment

SASSA once again had to head to social media to dispel any fake news and to set the story straight. Fake news is  especially dangerous when it comes to an agency such as SASSA which many depend on for their survival.

As we start warming up to the new year, SASSA has announced the dates for beneficiaries to get paid for February 2021. SASSA issues grants to vulnerable South Africans all over.

Did you know you can save yourself a whole lot of effort and apply for SASSA grants online? Now you do! SASSA offers an online application service for those wanting to benefit from one of SASSA's many grants. 

SASSA is now on a mission to clear up misunderstandings when it came to the agency suspending over 200 000 grants. They are now advising beneficiaries to apply for the SRD R350 grant.

Due to the lapsing of temporary disability grants and the suspension of thousands of grants which have to be re-applied for, SASSA has said that they are suffering from a backlog of applications. 

Are you having trouble accessing your SRD grant from SASSA? Well, keep on reading to find out how you can change your payment method.

SASSA has fallen victim to many scams, as criminals have tried to defraud the agency's system. In response to the many attempts of theft, SASSA has created an anti-fraud strategy to crack down on criminals. 

According to SASSA, temporary disability grants are only valid for a short period of time. The Democratic Alliance (DA) is now challenging this, as it is calling for the agency to extend the period to allow for more payments to be made. 

The current state of emergency has made it difficult for many to renew their disability grant applications. SASSA has now developed a strategy to help people renew their disability grants. 

ANC Youth League has said that they want the R350 grant distributed by Sassa during lockdown to be increased to provide for unemployed youth more.