sassa grant payment

SASSA provides financial relief through grants to many poor and vulnerable South Africans, the question is do they provide a grant for the unemployed? Keep reading to find out. 

SASSA temporary disability grants had been extended during 2020 to reduce the hardship felt by those clients who were unable to re-apply for the grant. However, these grants lapsed at the end of December 2020.

Are you wondering when your money is going to come from the R350 grant? SASSA's CEO has given insight into why beneficiaries have not received that payment SMS yet. Keep reading to find out.

April is the last month left to apply for SASSA's Special Relief of Distress grant which sees beneficiaries get R350 per month. Applicants are encouraged to contact SASSA offices if they have not yet received their social grant payments.

If you have trouble navigating the internet or just finding the information you need on SASSA and their different services, we are providing you with the shortcuts to all your SASSA needs, including social media pages. Find all of SASSA's websites all in one place.  

SASSA has discovered a high number of temporary disability grant holders in the Western Cape. They are conducting research with The University of Cape Town, to understand the reason behind the abnormally high numbers.

Do you live in Gauteng and you're looking for a SASSA Office near you? We can help. Keep reading to find out where the SASSA offices in Gauteng are.

If you're a beneficiary of a SASSA grant keep reading to find out where to draw your SASSA money. 

SASSA is known for distributing social grants to South Africans in need, however, do they offer loans, well keep on reading to find out if they do. 

SASSA social grant holders can expect an increase from the 1st of April. The increases are different with each grant, so if you are a SASSA grant holder and would like to know how what kind of increase to expect, we have the information you need.