sassa appeals

Lindiwe Zulu announced that SASSA has begun the process of suspending social grants, except for the foster care payments, paid to 177 108 public servants.

You can now appeal to have your R350 grant application reconsidered. Keep reading to find out how this works and how to submit a R350 grant appeal.

Have you submitted an appeal for SASSA's Special Relief of Distress grant and you want to check how far it is? Here's how you can track your R350 grant appeal.

Have you applied for SASSA's Special Relief of Distress Grant, which we all call the R350 grant, but you were rejected? Here are possible reasons as to why your application was rejected and what to do about it.

Many applicants for SASSA's R350 grant have been told that they were rejected because they are IRP5 registered. Are you confused by this? Well, you're not alone. Keep reading to find out what SASSA has said about this issue.

Appeals are there if your application was denied the first time around and you want to be considered again, basically a second chance. Appeals for SASSA's R350 grant closed at the end of May 2021. 

If you've applied for SASSA's social relief of distress grant where you receive R350 per month but were rejected, you have a second chance by appealing. If you appealed, here's how to check your appeal status for the grant.

When the Special Relief of Distress grant was extended, appeals for the grants were extended as well. Appeals are there for rejected applicants to have their application reconsidered. Here's when appeals will close.

Many SASSA beneficiaries within and around Tsakani, were unfortunately victims to this tragic SASSA scam. A woman claiming to be from SASSA, took advantage of vulnerable beneficiaries and cashed their social grants before they were able to.

SASSA has launched a Recourse Mechanism which enables individuals, who were rejected from benefitting from the R350 grant, to have their application be considered again. 

SASSA is looking into giving those who were rejected for the R350 grant another chance. The agency has provided an update on this process and have also issued further directions. 

Many Sassa applicants and beneficiaries have relayed that there seems to be an issue in processing details from Identity Documents (IDs). Sassa has responded with what to do when this issue pops up.