Are you interested to know what courses the South African College of Applied Psychology, also known as SACAP, offers? Continue reading for more information. 

There are a variety of public tertiary institutions in South Africa that offer the opportunity for students to pursue a degree in Psychology. Studying a degree in Psychology will differ depending on various tertiary institutions and the type of Psychology specialisation that a student would like to pursue.

Social Workers have long been critical to the healthy functioning of societies. Through the years, the important roles they play had to adapt and synchronise with the times. 

Coaching is a growth industry and while COVID has caused severe disruptions, practitioners and clients have mostly been able to pivot to online environments and keep going.

Our world of work is changing so rapidly that many young people wonder whether their chosen career might exist once their studies are completed and they are ready to enter the workplace. Social work is one of those in-demand careers in South Africa. 

There’s lots of talk about the impact of the global pandemic on mental health; but so far, little action. The South African College of Applied Psychology is set to host a webinar, 'A global crisis and the impact on South African communities', this week and it definitely is one to make sure you don't miss.

Wondering what's happening with Open Days? Well, they've went online. The South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) is hosting their Open Day online in May!

Virtual Open Days allow students to get part of the experience they would if they were looking to find out more about their potential future institution. The South African College of Applied Psychology is therefore offering multiple virtual open days to provide prospective students with more information. 

The School of Applied Psychology is adjusting to the current lockdown status in the country and is moving their Open days online. Join on the 23rd for the Durban Virtual Open Day. 

SACAP has taken their Open Days online and is now hosting multiple sessions to cover more range for those students interested in attending. Join now!

The South African College of Applied Psyhcology will be hosting multiple open days. Join them on the 23rd for their Cape Town Open Day!

The rigors of day to day life under the COVID-19 lockdown have certainly highlighted the importance of our mental well-being, both in our own homes and remote work teams, as well as in our communities and the country at large.  The call for increased capacity in mental health care has been on the rise for a number of years across the world.


Want to do Psychology but you haven't applied yet? It's not too late. Apply to study at SACAP today. 

Find out how a psychology graduate is making South Africa a better place with a Master's Degree in gender studies. Avri Spilka is a remarkable woman. What she’s achieved in her 38 years is more than most will accomplish in a lifetime.

With soaring violence, devastating levels of women and child abuse combined with the debilitating effects of endemic poverty, HIV AIDS and high unemployment, as well as the prevalence of bullying, gangsterism and substance abuse, it is not surprising that South Africa has large-scale mental health issues.