R350 grant


Social relief of distress is temporary provision of assistance for people that are in dire need and our unable to meet their families most basic needs. The grant is received in the form of a R350 grant.

So you've submitted your R350 grant application and you then head in and do a SASSA grant status check. Your SRD grant application status might reflect as 'Application Outcome' here's what that means.

Many applicants for the SASSA R350 grant are left with a status saying 'Pending' and don't know what this means or where their application is. Read more to find out what this means and also what happens to your application after you apply. 

As of 11 August 2021, SASSA has received more than 5 million COVID-19 SRD Grant applications. These applications have increased due to the rise in the unemployment rate in South Africa.

For those who haven't got a job and can't find one with the restrictions of the lockdown, there was good news from the President in his latest speech to the country. The R350 Social Relief Of Distress grant paid out by SASSA is going to be coming back. This time it will also apply to more people.

Have you been approved for the SASSA R350 grant, but have not yet received your payments? Well, keep reading to find out if you will receive your grant payments.

If your application for the Special COVID-19 SRD grant has been declined, be sure to appeal before the closing date. Keep reading to find out how to appeal and how to track your appeal.

Many applications for the special COVID-19 SRD grant were declined, however, a few applicants are receiving the chance to appeal their application. Scroll down to find out who can appeal for a R350 grant.

Black Sash and a few other organisations have sent an open letter requesting for the COVID-19 SRD Grant to be extended as many South Africans desperately need this grant as they are still living with the impacts of this pandemic.

SASSA has announced that the Special COVID-19 Social Relief of Distress grant has come to an end. Keep on reading to find out more about this...

The call has been made for the R350 Covid-19 grant to remain permanent even once the country is free of the virus. The #PayTheGrant Campaign has been started to assist South African's in fighting for the permanency of the the Social Relief of Distress Grant.

Did you know that if SASSA rejected you when you applied to benefit from the R350 grant, you can appeal and possibly be funded? However, if you don't appeal, you won't get a second chance due to a lack of funds.

Social Development Minister, Lindiwe Zulu says plans are in place to prevent long lines at SASSA offices and paypoints, so that people may be in compliance with the Covid-19 health and safety regulations. 

To see hundreds of people, many of whom are elderly, sleeping outside SASSA offices over the past few days has angered many South Africans. Which is why Black Sash believes that SASSA should do more so that this does not happen again.

Following all the buzz around the R350 grant offered by SASSA which comes to an end this month, many calls have come for government to introduce a Basic Income Grant. Well, President Ramaphosa has now addressed it.

About 20% of applicants for the R350 SRD grant were rejected by SASSA due to being IRP5 registered, but what does this mean? Keep reading to find out.  

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has came under fire for only appointing a team of 10 staff members to handle thousands of appeals made by people who applied for the R350 Covid-19 social relief distress (SRD) grant and were rejected. 

It was recently announced, much to the desires of many in South Africa, that the R350 Special Relief of Distress Grant will be extended. However, if you're wondering why you are not able to apply for November, here's why.

By Nokulunga Majola. Over 1.3 million people have been approved for the special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress grant in KwaZulu-Natal. People wait outside a post office in Durban. Most of them are there to check the status of their special Covid-19 grants which are R350 per month. 

Now that Government has rolled out support for the vulnerable during the pandemic, calls have come for Government to introduce a more permanent solution. Black Sash has started a campaign to work towards having Government introduce a Basic Income Grant.

Minister of Finance, Tito Mboweni, has confirmed that SASSA will not be extending top ups for grants but that the Special Relief Distress Grant will indeed be extended until next year. Government has received calls from organisations to extend the grant top ups and to also have the R350 grant increased.