The South African Police Service (SAPS) is the official police force of South Africa.

The South African Police Services (SAPS) is recruiting entry level Police Trainees and invites interested applicants who are between 18 and under 30 years of age to apply. 

The National Commissioner, in its capacity as a member of the Reserve Police Service, appoints a reservist to work as a volunteer in support of SAPS. There’s a set criterion that the Commissioner looks at before selecting suitable candidates.


If you are planning a trip abroad or looking for employment abroad, you may be required to produce a police clearance certificate. Here's some information about what documents are needed in order to obtain a police clearance certificate.

As inland schools reopen this week, a tragic incident that took place in a Gauteng school has change the mood for most learners on their first day of learning.

The National Commissioner, in its capacity as a member of the Reserve Police Service, appoints a reservist to work as a volunteer in support of SAPS. Here's a guide on how to become a SAPS volunteer.

Becoming a SAPS volunteer can give you an advantage in terms of practical experience if you wish to become an official member of the South African Police Service. Here are the requirements you have to meet in order to become one of them. 

The SAPS fitness test is a physical test that you need to pass as one of the requirements to make it into the police force. 

The South African Police Service better known as SAPS, is a service for the community by the community with the emphasis on the fundamental rights of all the peoples of South Africa. 

Policer trainees do get a stipend in South Africa. Becoming a police officer takes dedication and hard work. Is this something you are interested in? Find out how long training is below.

Have you always dreamed of being a police officer? Or protecting and serving the state? If that's the case, here is all you need to know about police training in South Africa!

Walter Sisulu University student protests turn violent, resulting in multiple injuries and a police vehicle being burnt down. The University has decided to shut its doors and proceed online before it is too late to revive the academic year.

School children and teachers are being traumatised by high amount of gang violence in surrounding area. A sustainable solution in required to access the issue of gang violence. 

After the death of a civilian, the police are being investigated for the murder of an innocent man, and their training is in question. Wits university students should be allowed to peacefully protest and exercise their human rights without the disruption of police brutality. 

Staff and students at TVET Colleges have been lodging many complaints when it comes to operations and treatment at institutions. Now, it's been found that all these issues stem from the Colleges being underfunded. 

A peaceful protest against Gender-Based Violence, which President Cyril Ramaphosa says his government is committed to combating, turned to chaos as police opened fire on demonstrators and made numerous arrests. Social media updates posted by demonstrators provide a first-hand account of the police action. 

Across town the SAPS were holding an event to try to show how they are promoting women empowerment - with mixed results.

Blade Nzimande said that he has been made aware of students being denied permits at police stations. These permits allow students to travel and return to campuses.