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Optimi Online Campus provides flexible and easily accessible learning that is fueled by their excitement for digital learning and entrepreneurship experiences. Here's all you need to know about what Optimi offers.

Education organisations in informal urban and rural settings were hit the hardest by the pandemic, with teachers and learners unable to attend school. Records show that the lockdowns have put learners from under-resourced schools between 75% and a full year behind and a whopping 750,000 learners have dropped out of school.

Online schooling is growing in popularity as we head further into the fourth industrial revolution. You might ask yourself which curriculum these online schools follow and we have the answers you need.

ADvTECH has recently launched an online school called Evolve Online School. Here’s everything you should know about the Evolve Online school.

Swales Online Academy strives to offer an inclusive and accessible learning style to all learners. Here is what you need to know about Swales Online Academy.

Switch-Edu Online offers a contemporary and new approach to learning through renewing traditional teaching methods and delivering a curriculum that reflects current attitudes. Here is all you need to know about Switch-Edu Online.

With the added pressure of the Covid-19 pandemic, countries have been forced to implement more large-scale online learning methods than ever before. Despite the struggle to adjust to this new way of life, there have proven to be some benefits to online schooling.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools were already beginning to adopt a dual learning system that incorporates both online and contact learning, whilst other schools were already marketing themselves as solely online schools. Here are the key differences that have been found between the two methods of teaching.

St. Stithians Online High School provides learners with an international curriculum, one on one student support and a vibrant learning experience that may enrich the lives of learners.

Impaq Education strives to provide innovative and accessible education to children all over South Africa. The education provider offers both homeschooling from Grades R to 12 and an online school from Grades 7 to 11.

Koa Academy provides integrated learning across the South African curriculum through an online platform that allows learners to learn from the comfort of their homes.

Boston Online High School is a registered Cambridge associate which offers higher-order skills of comprehension, application and understanding. The school was launched by Boston City Campus.

The Teneo Education branch has been named the number one online school in all of Africa and offers a range of online learning options for students to choose from. Here is a breakdown of what the school has to offer students.

MTN has launched its own online school which provides learners from Grade R to 12 with a free digital curriculum. Here is all you need to know about the MTN Online School.

The University of Cape Town (UCT) has launched its very own online high school. The following is a guideline towards what to expect from the new school.

In South Africa, many schools have managed to build elite reputations by maintaining their perfect 100% matric pass rate, but most educators know what goes on behind the scenes to make that possible, and it’s concerning. At risk students are often pushed out before they even reach Matric – and some are requested to write at an external venue as an “independent candidate” so that their failure won’t reflect on the school. The time is right to start relooking what makes a school “good.”

Over the last few years, more students have opted to attend online high schools. Here's a list of online high schools in South Africa. 

Why do students like online learning? There are many advantages of studying online. Online learning involves enrolling in a course on the internet and learning through online work.