nsfas wallet login online


To do the NSFAS Wallet Login you will need to visit celbux.appspot.com. and log in using your cellphone number and password. To view your NSFAS Wallet Balance you can navigate to the more tab and click transactions. Always keep your Nsfas login details safe and secure.

As for other NSFAS needs, you can gain access to your NSFAS account through the myNSFAS portal.

NSFAS is the National Student Financial Aid Scheme which is a government loan and bursary fund for students through the NSFAS funding. NSFAS application and registration opens in the later part of the year for students with the NSFAS closing date usually being in the next calendar year.

NSFAS gives bursaries to students from poor and working class backgrounds which goes beyond just paying for your fees. They’ll also pay for your registration, accommodation, transport, books through NSFAS allowances.

So what are the NSFAS requirements?

The most important requirement is that your household income should come to R350 000 or less per year. This means that if you add up everyone’s salaries in your house for the year and it comes to over R350 000, you won’t qualify.

Usually, students and future students will submit their NSFAS online application for a NSFAS bursary using myNSFAS. 

Careers Portal has everything you need to know about NSFAS, NSFAS applications and NSFAS allowances.


NSFAS has introduced a new payment method. Students may now use NSFAS Mastercards to tap to pay for any essentials needed. Here is how to activate the NSFAS Mastercard.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme is no stranger to controversy and allegations of fraud, corruption and maladministration. Now, the CEO of the bursary scheme may be soon placed under investigation after criminal complaints were laid against him.

If you’ve had your application rejected by the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, you will have a chance to appeal the decision. We have some insight into everything you need to know about the appeal process, from submitting your appeal to tracking it.

NSFAS is introducing a new direct payment solution for students to receive their allowances through the NSFAS MasterCard in partnership with eZaga. Here is how to create your eZaga NSFAS account. 

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme has extended their Trimester 2 applications for certain qualifications. If you have not yet applied, but require funding, you still have a chance.


Nsfas allows students to receive their allowances via the Nsfas Wallet payment method. Students make use of the system to pay for monthly essentials as well as learning materials.

Amidst the current digital transformation, the National Student Financial Aid Scheme has recently launched a bank card which students can use to make transactions and purchases. However, students with disabilities will receive their allowances in a different manner.

If you wish to rest you NSFAS Wallet account, there are only a few simple step that need to be followed. Here are the four easy steps you can follow.

Following the discovery that NSFAS funds amounting to R5.1 billion were improperly spent on funding students who did not qualify for financial assistance, calls for the resignation of the Higher Education Minister have intensified. 

Students have faced a number of challenges when it comes to submitting, appealing and tracking their NSFAS applications. While students are frustrated with further delays, the organisation claims that this could be due to several possible reasons.

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