NSFAS funding

If you are a NSFAS funded student then you will have to place an order to receive your laptop from NSFAS, if you are confused about this process then we're here to help! Keep reading to find out how to order and receive your NSFAS laptop. 


If you are looking to apply for a NSFAS bursary but you need some help doing so then you may want to complete your application at an application centre. Keep reading to find out which application centres you can visit. 

The Minister of Higher Education recently gave an update on how the department plans to distribute learning material allowances and provide data to NSFAS qualifying students in South Africa's public universities.

NSFAS has opened its application season for learners and out-of-school youth who will be studying at public universities and TVET colleges in 2022. However, some applicants have had trouble finding their courses listed on the NSFAS website. 

With many university and TVET college students submitting their NSFAS online applications for the 2022 academic year, you might be among those looking to cancel their NSFAS online applications. Here is how you can do it.

Have you been experiencing difficulties with submitting your online NSFAS application lately? Here's what you can do about it.

The NSFAS proposal for funding sparked controversy last week after it was misunderstood by a number of students who thought the scheme is considering increasing the pass figure of 50% to 75% to qualify for funding. After the financial aid scheme clarified the confusion, youth organisations are now demanding more than just clarity.


NSFAS has said that students who received funding in 2021 do not have to reapply for 2022 funding, keep reading to find out more about this. 

NSFAS has recently come across a Facebook page that is scamming students. The page claims to help students with their NSFAS allowances, however, they are actually scamming them of their allowances.

Wondering what to do if your High School name does not appear on the NSFAS online application form? Do not worry, below we have the solution you are looking for.

The Walter Sisulu University student who has been accused of theft after mistakenly receiving millions in funding from NSFAS is soon due to receive a verdict on her case, which has proceeded for three years.

The Department of Higher Education and Training came under fire this week after reports of 75% pass mark was said to be a requirement for NSFAS funding. The rumour sent shock waves to a majority of students in higher learning institutions and those who are looking to join.

NSFAS recently issued a response to address the circulating media reports about its proposed academic eligibility criteria which initially drew criticism from various student bodies throughout the country.

Given the striking inequality in accessing tertiary education in South Africa, financial assistance from both government and private sector plays a huge role in funding poor students who otherwise would not have afforded tertiary education fees. A new proposal by NSFAS now threatens to affect the overwhelming majority of poor students from working class families. 

If you are looking to pursue your tertiary studies but you’re in need of funding then you may want to apply for the NSFAS bursary. Keep reading to find out where you can apply for NSFAS funding.

Are you interested in applying for the NSFAS Bursary and wondering if NSFAS will fund you even if you’ve dropped out? Well, keep reading to find out more.

Are you trying to log into your myNSFAS account and having trouble? You probably will need to reset your myNSFAS login, here's how.

Did you know that if you are a permanent resident of South Africa, you can apply for NSFAS? We have all the details so keep reading.

NSFAS applications are officially open so apply now on myNSFAS so that you can be financed for the first step to a great future. Part of applying is that you have to submit documents to NSFAS so you might ask yourself, which documents then? Well, here 's the answer. 

With NSFAS applications now open for 2022 bursaries, the financial aid scheme is now urging those interested and wanting to apply to check whether they'll be funded or not. Keep reading to find out all the details and who is eligible for a NSFAS bursary.


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