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If you plan on studying at the University of Venda you may be wondering whether NSFAS will fund your studies, well keep reading to find out.

Many students across the country have complained that NSFAS has not been paying their allowances. The financial aid scheme has now explained why this is happening and what will happen.

Once you've been approved to have your studies funded by NSFAS, there are requirements you'll need to keep up during your studies to ensure that you stay funded by NSFAS. Keep reading to learn more.

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) offers support to students with disabilities, assisting them by not only covering their tuition but also other living expenses. NSFAS offers disable student a number of assistive allowances to ensure a comfortable academic experience. 

The issue of missing middle funding, along with postgraduate funding, is ongoing. The Minister of Higher Education is now pushing for NSFAS to introduce a loan scheme to support these categories of students.

Students who had their higher education funded by NSFAS are now being encouraged to pay back their student loans. NSFAS has been criticised for their administration and lack of efficiency.

Reports have revealed that there are hundreds of thousands of students who don't actually exist who are having allowances and tuition fees being paid to them. If you constrast this with the issue of existing students still waiting for their first batch of NSFAS allowances to be paid, it would definitely cause frustration in many.

Students living with disabilities can receive financial support for their studies through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, better known as NSFAS. To learn more about how NSFAS works for students with disabilities, keep reading.

You might be planning to study at Mangosuthu University of Technology and you're trying to figure out how you're going to pay your fees. So you've heard of the NSFAS bursary but do they cover MUT students? We have the answer and more for you.

If you have not yet ordered your online learning device (laptop) from NSFAS yet we have the information documents you need to confirm your order. The rollout has begun, so if you need a laptop, order online now. 

NSFAS has confirmed that those who have ordered laptops are currently in the process or getting approved and should expect a delivery soon. If you have not ordered your laptop yet, you should get ordering soon. 

Central University of Technology students and future students, if you wish to continue on your academic journey but, do not have the funds to do so, there might be an option for you.

Unisa has given updates to students funded by NSFAS who have not received their NSFAS allowances. NSFAS funding for Unisa students is not the same as students from other Universities being funded by NSFAS due to the difference in teaching methods.

NSFAS funded student are being victims of yet another NSFAS allowance related scam. Beneficiaries are warned to not share any personal information or information related to your NSFAS account with anyone.

Walter Sisulu University students and future students might be wondering whether their studies will be funded by NSFAS, should they apply. Here are some answers.

Some students might need some clarification on how exactly the NSFAS laptop will work. Will students be paying for it? Will students still get their NSFAS allowances? Keep reading for answers to your questions.

If you are a CPUT student and require funding for studies, we might have the answers you. The National Student Financial Aid Scheme might be able to help you.

NSFAS is a financial aid scheme which offers bursaries to students that come from poor and working class families. You might ask, do they fund students who are at the University of the Western Cape?

Students are now taking legal action against the NSFAS N+ rule. They have said that there are thousands of deserving students who qualify for funding who are being rejected due to the rule and that it is being implemented incorrectly.

NSFAS provides bursaries to poor and working class students and this includes those that wish to attend or are attending a TVET College. Keep reading to find out which NSFAS allowances TVET students get.