nsfas allowances

NSFAS provides bursaries to poor and working class students and this includes those that wish to attend or are attending a TVET College. Keep reading to find out which NSFAS allowances TVET students get.

The College of Cape Town Management team has released a statement on how NSFAS funding will be allocated to all eligible students for the year 2021. They've also given answers to how much NSFAS beneficiaries will receive as allowances.

Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, has now reiterated the fact that NSFAS beneficiaries who change courses won't have their funding affected by this move. NSFAS provides bursaries to students from poor and working class backgrounds.

The UWC Student Representative Council has issued a statement to caution students against the redirected use of their NSFAS allowances.

Students who are funded by NSFAS will very often have their complaints centre around NSFAS allowance delays. Now, NSFAS has said that they are working on a new NSFAS allowance disbursement model to improve inefficiencies at the financial aid scheme.

Almost 30 000 NSFAS students are in debt and must pay their Universities, according to the Democratic Alliance. They have said that this is due to inefficiencies at NSFAS.

Are you trying to secure funding from NSFAS for your Unisa course but you're unsure whether NSFAS will pay for it? Keep reading to find out whether NSFAS funds Unisa courses. 

The delay seen in disbursing NSFAS allowances to Unisa students even went as far as a petition being started. The University has now addressed the delays and has given dates for when students should expect their NSFAS allowances.

Now that NSFAS has a new board appointed, they are aiming to change and improve many things students have complained about as NSFAS does not hold the best reputation. Students will see change within the application system as further insight was given during a briefing held this week.

Unisa has said that they have started releasing NSFAS allowances to students. This comes while students made #UselessUnisa trend with many students complaining that they are suffering due to not having received their allowances.

It is a monthly event that Unisa students struggle to make ends meet while they wait for their NSFAS study allowances to be paid into their accounts.  While payments have started, social media accounts are still active with comments from those students who are further back in the queue and therefore still waiting for their turn.

The University of Fort Hare has caused frustration amongst students as it was revealed that they are causing the delay of NSFAS allowances. Students have complained that the University is failing.

Many students across the country have complained that NSFAS has not been paying their allowances. The financial aid scheme has now explained why this is happening and what will happen.

Reports have revealed that there are hundreds of thousands of students who don't actually exist who are having allowances and tuition fees being paid to them. If you constrast this with the issue of existing students still waiting for their first batch of NSFAS allowances to be paid, it would definitely cause frustration in many.

Students living with disabilities can receive financial support for their studies through the National Student Financial Aid Scheme, better known as NSFAS. To learn more about how NSFAS works for students with disabilities, keep reading.

Unisa has given updates to students funded by NSFAS who have not received their NSFAS allowances. NSFAS funding for Unisa students is not the same as students from other Universities being funded by NSFAS due to the difference in teaching methods.

Nelson Mandela University students protest over unfulfilled promises and the SRC demands that classes get suspended until all their demands are met and all students are able to participate.

NSFAS allowances are now in the process of being released to students. Students have also begun receiving their funding decisions for 2021 and in turn, can now register. These were demands from students and with them some of them being met, the national shutdown has been called off.

Students all across South Africa have lodged complaints that they have not received their learning materials allowances, or better known as the book allowance, and the academic year has already commenced. The Minister has addressed this issue.

In light of the national shutdown initiated by students across South Africa, Rhodes University has now released a statement where they speak on registration, NSFAS allowances, laptops for student and the academic year.