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Each year, the tertiary education sector welcomes thousands of new students, among them are individuals living with disabilities. NSFAS has implemented a comprehensive strategy to support these students and ensure they have equal access to educational opportunities.

NSFAS has given details into how student allowances work for private accommodation. The financial aid scheme has also confirmed how allowances will work for private accommodation. 

Students will continue to receive NSFAS allowances through the direct allowance payment system in 2024. This is despite the boards intension to terminate contracts of service providers. 

Post #FeesMustFall, the funding criteria for NSFAS changed. Returning students who are interested in continuing studies are welcomed to apply. However, they need to be on the lookout for a few things which will come in handy before applying for funding.

Despite threats of legal action, OUTA will not retract their report implicating the minister and NSFAS board chair in corruption. This comes month after the voice recordings were leaked to the public. 

NSFAS has announced changes to the 2024 Eligibility Criteria and Conditions for Financial Aid. These amendments will ensure that bursary recipients have sufficient funds for academic purposes. 

Thousands of students will be eagerly awaiting their funding decision to see if they will be funded by NSFAS in 2024. The financial aid scheme has confirmed which students will be funded by NSFAS over the next twelve months. 

It is anticipated that hundreds of thousands of students will begin and continue their academic journeys at universities and TVET colleges in 2024. However, despite significant progress made in recent years, challenges of accessing education and funding remain a cause for concern this year. 

Thousands of new students enter the tertiary education sector every year, including individuals living with disabilities. NSFAS has a strategy in place to assist students living with disabilities. 

Thousands of students did not receive NSFAS allowance payments they were entitled to in 2023. The financial aid scheme has revealed its efforts to resolve this and its action it has taken to finalise all outstanding allowance payments. 

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