nsfas allowance 2021

The National Student Financial Aid Scheme, or what most people call NSFAS, provides bursaries to South Africans wanting to study but who aren't in the best position to pay the fees. Along with this bursary, NSFAS also provides NSFAS allowances such as learning material allowance, accommodation allowance, transport allowance, etc.

Unisa students experience University in a way other Universities do due to them being a distance University. The question we could then ask is, how much do Unisa students get from NSFAS for NSFAS allowances?

Are you trying to secure funding from NSFAS for your Unisa course but you're unsure whether NSFAS will pay for it? Keep reading to find out whether NSFAS funds Unisa courses. 

NSFAS provides bursaries to poor and working class students and this includes those that wish to attend or are attending a TVET College. Keep reading to find out which NSFAS allowances TVET students get.

Many students across the country have complained that NSFAS has not been paying their allowances. The financial aid scheme has now explained why this is happening and what will happen.

Unisa has given updates to students funded by NSFAS who have not received their NSFAS allowances. NSFAS funding for Unisa students is not the same as students from other Universities being funded by NSFAS due to the difference in teaching methods.

NSFAS allowances are now in the process of being released to students. Students have also begun receiving their funding decisions for 2021 and in turn, can now register. These were demands from students and with them some of them being met, the national shutdown has been called off.

Students all across South Africa have lodged complaints that they have not received their learning materials allowances, or better known as the book allowance, and the academic year has already commenced. The Minister has addressed this issue.

In light of the national shutdown initiated by students across South Africa, Rhodes University has now released a statement where they speak on registration, NSFAS allowances, laptops for student and the academic year.

Looking to be funded by NSFAS? Looking to live away from home while you study? Are you now wondering if NSFAS will pay for your student accommodation? Here's the answer.

NSFAS has made it clear that beneficiaries were receiving allowances during 2020 and will continue to pay allowances in 2021 even though funds are currently constrained.

NSFAS is a financial aid scheme which provides higher education funding to TVET College students. Their funding goes beyond tuition fees. Here's how NSFAS for TVET Colleges works.

NSFAS has made an announcement for TVET College students concerning their student allowances. 

The Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, spoke on a topic that had everyone confused last week. Nzimande has denied claims of NSFAS writing off R2 billion in historic debt, and has blamed the DA for the spread of this fake news. 

Minister Blade Nzimande has confirmed that the Department of Higher Education is committed to providing laptops and data to all students.