NSFAS allowance

NSFAS provides bursaries to poor and working class students and this includes those that wish to attend or are attending a TVET College. Keep reading to find out which NSFAS allowances TVET students get.

Students who are funded by NSFAS will very often have their complaints centre around NSFAS allowance delays. Now, NSFAS has said that they are working on a new NSFAS allowance disbursement model to improve inefficiencies at the financial aid scheme.

Some students might need some clarification on how exactly the NSFAS laptop will work. Will students be paying for it? Will students still get their NSFAS allowances? Keep reading for answers to your questions.

Unisa has given updates to students funded by NSFAS who have not received their NSFAS allowances. NSFAS funding for Unisa students is not the same as students from other Universities being funded by NSFAS due to the difference in teaching methods.

Students all across South Africa have lodged complaints that they have not received their learning materials allowances, or better known as the book allowance, and the academic year has already commenced. The Minister has addressed this issue.

NSFAS has made it clear that beneficiaries were receiving allowances during 2020 and will continue to pay allowances in 2021 even though funds are currently constrained.

A TVET College has been struggling with obtaining their allowances and having it disbursed to students. This of course would present a major issue as some students are dependent on those allowances for their livelihoods.

NSFAS to visit the campus this week to respond to students’ concerns. Students were protesting outside Ingwe TVET college’s Ngqungqushe campus in Lusikisiki on Monday over their National Student Financial Aid Scheme allowances. They accused the principal of withholding their NSFAS allowance money. 

By Buziwe Nocuze.

College students have been left homeless due to financial difficulties. This, they say is due to NSFAS being insufficient in their service and students then having many blanks when it comes to their funding situations.

With the academic year most likely being extended, this will see Government give billions towards NSFAS. NSFAS has also stated that changes will be made to processes such as allowances and admissions.

The Minister of Higher Education, Blade Nzimande, spoke on a topic that had everyone confused last week. Nzimande has denied claims of NSFAS writing off R2 billion in historic debt, and has blamed the DA for the spread of this fake news. 

Missing middle students will be able to receive funding from NSFAS in the future. NSFAS aims to support the missing middle and has plans to do so. NSFAS also aims to solve the issue of the digital divide which exists in South Africa. 

Minister Blade Nzimande has confirmed that the Department of Higher Education is committed to providing laptops and data to all students. 

The University of Cape Town has announced a number of measures to assist residence students who have been told that they must return home at short notice. This includes the payment today, 16th March, of NSFAS travel allowances to those students who qualify, to assist them in paying for the cost of returning to their homes.