NBT Test Past Papers and Memos


National Benchmark Tests

The National Benchmark Test is actually two tests, the English language test and the mathematics test. South African universities developed the tests to provide additional information about the candidates who were registering to study with them.

They are designed to provide an insight into the academic readiness of prospective students to universities. Depending on what course you want to study you may have to do one NBT test or two.

The NBT project was designed to show the university how prepared you are for academic study by measuring things like your quantitative literacy. The multiple choice tests are helpful then to the universities, but also to the prospective students, when they review your NBT results.

A South African education company has been running workshops and courses that have helped a number of learners prepare for the National Benchmark Tests (NBTs). 

Using past NBT test papers and memos can be a great tool to help you ace the test and get into the university you really want to. 

How To Register For A National Benchmark Test

The first thing you need to do is to check with the university, or universities, that you are applying to and confirm if you have to complete a National Benchmark Test. You also need to confirm if you have to complete one test or both tests.

Prospective students will find the registration process quite straightforward. You can register for the NBT online on the NBT website with your ID number and contact details. All the general information you need about the academic literacy tests can be found on the NBT website

NBT Registration Process

You must chose a date to complete your test. Test dates are available up until early 2024. However it is usually a good idea to book a test date quite early. Then if you result isn't as good as you hoped, you can write the test again.

NBT Past Papers

There are sample test papers available to help you with preparing for these academic literacy tests. It probably isn't completely accurate to call them 'past papers', but they are a good indication of what you will find when you write the test.

You can also take advantage of the NBT preparation app that is made available by Advantage Learn.

NBT Test Results

Once you have a scheduled test date you can start to prepare for the tests. Once you have completed the tests you will be able to view your NBT results on the official NBT website.

There is an NBT call centre if you have questions about your NBT results.


If you plan on pursuing your tertiary studies then you may have to write NBTs in order to meet admission requirements at your preferred institution. Here is how much NBTs cost and how to pay. 

Have you received your NBT results but you don't really know what they mean? Well we're here to help, keep reading to find out more.

Due to the current pandemic, the National Benchmark Test has been moved online. You may be wondering how these tests will be run, well scroll down to find out.

Once you have registered for the National Benchmark tests, you will need to prepare for the big day. There are a few resources that you can use to help you feel ready for the day that you write.

Before you sit down to write the National Benchmark Tests, you need to be registered. Here's all you need to know about how to register.

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