National Lockdown


With the reduction in cases of Covid-19 in the country, the President has announced that there will be a relaxation in the national lockdown measures that are in place across the country. We have the details of the relaxed restrictions and the news lockdown level.

With the number of cases of Covid-19 still at a high level in the country the President has announced that the stricter lockdown measures under the adjusted level 4 have been extended for another two weeks. The return to school for the third term has also been delayed.

A study launched by the Human Sciences Research Council revealed that over 65% of students experienced mild to severe psychological distress due to the pandemic and the resulting Lockdown. This was only one of many other shocking and concerning findings of the study.

Due to a clear decline in new cases, hospital admissions, and deaths from Covid-19 the national Cabinet has announced that restrictions on the sale of alcohol and visits to the beach and other outdoor areas have been eased.  Restaurants and other night-businesses will be pleased to see that the curfew has been moved back to start at 11pm.

The UIF TERS Scheme provided by the South African government has now come to an end after the applications for the last period closed on 31 December 2020. Many wonder why there has not been an extension due to the extended alert Level 3 lockdown. 

After President Cyril Ramaphosa extended the adjusted alert Level 3 lockdown, the Democratic Alliance has called on the government to extend the UIF TERS Scheme. 

The President has announced an update on the measures taken to battle the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic ravaging the country. While the lockdown level 3 will remain with some additional measures, there were not the more significant restrictions that some were speculating about.

New restrictions have been announced in an effort to prevent New Year's Eve celebrations becoming superspreader events that shoot Covid-19 cases into even higher numbers. We have the full text of the president's speech.

At the latest 'family meeting' there was an ominous warning from President Cyril Ramaphosa that unless this festive season is very different to the usual, it will be the last festive season for many! With the second wave of Covid-19 infections firmly growing in the largest provinces Ramaphosa stopped short of returning to stricter lockdowns, but did implement a serious of stricter controls. One of those stricter controls will see New Year's Eve parties being much smaller than usual - and stopping well before midnight!

South Africa has received an unwelcome early Christmas present! The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is here with over 6000 new infections reported in one day. The national Minister of Health, Dr Zweli Mkhize has delivered the bad news that four provinces are now providing the highest number of new cases - and they are some of the largest provinces! 

Now that President Ramaphosa has extended the National State of Disaster to 31 January 2021, it begs the question, will the Unemployment Insurance Fund be extending the Covid-19 TERS fund as well? Well, here's what we know.

The National State of Disaster was initially meant to end on 15 June 2020, but Section 27 of the Disaster Management Act allows for it to be extended before it lapses. A new gazette has been published to declare the extension official. 

Many fear that now that South Africa has officially moved into Level 1 of lockdown, a second wave of Covid-19 will be seen and the battle will start all over again. Prof Shabir Madhi, from Wits University has given us a look into whether a second wave will occur and also where the country stands with the vaccine.

Today marked the first official day of Lockdown Level 1 which sees South Africans gain more freedom as we inch towards our normal lives, or rather our new normal lives. Health Minister of South Africa, Zweli Mkhize, does not want citizens to become careless now as we move to the lowest level of this National Lockdown.

Regular South African citizens aren't the only ones hoping that Lockdown Level 1 comes into effect soon but so does the country's health minister. Mkhize seems very optimistic that it might happen sooner than we thought as statistics shows us many positives.

A war has erupted between law enforcement and South Africans who are desperate for housing. Protests involving petrol bombs and stoning have erupted as Cape Town sees many evictions and illegal land invasions happen across the Province.

The alcohol ban has been ruffling the feathers of many South Africans since it was introduced. Now, medical experts are weighing in on the ban as well. Pick n Pay has also put in a word about it while companies from the sector see major decisions being made whioch negatively impact them.

Naptosa and other education unions met with Minister Motshekga over the weekend to discuss the possible closure of schools. The organisation has now released details of how it wants the government to handle the closure schools.

Soon after the President finished speaking to the nation on Sunday night a new Government Gazette was release with details of the new restrictions on the sale of alcohol and the wearing of masks.


The Educators Union of South Africa is taking government to court to stop the Department of Basic Education's plans to reopen schools on 1 June.