minister blade nzimande

Students are growing tired of the issues and inefficiencies presented to them due to the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. One such issue is NSFAS’ move to no longer fund postgrad degrees with the Wits SRC saying students are now in a worse position with NSFAS than they were before.


Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande is trying to get Facebook to close down a fake account used to scam unsuspecting users who think they are helping the government leader support struggling students.

Working in collaboration with NSFAS, the Department of Higher Education has released a statement that gives details on how it will distribute the laptop devices as part of it's recently launched NSFAS Digital Learning Devices Program.


The South African Federation of Trade Unions has requested for Minister Blade Nzimande to resign because "he is now an agent of austerity beating students into accepting government’s programme of stealing their future."

The Minister of Higher Education, Science and Innovation engaged with USAf to discuss the current funding shortfall, student funding and debt challenges in the higher education and broader post-school education and training sector.


Student Union, the South African Union of Students (SAUS) believes that higher education is in crisis and that the delay of NSFAS laptop deliveries and data, Unisa's latest action and limited access is the cause of it.

NFSAS has made an announcement on where they stand with giving NSFAS beneficiaries laptops to assist with online learning. This comes after the Minister of Higher Education announced that NSFAS stdents are to get laptops. 

Wits has announced that their Final Year Medical Students will return to campus soon. This comes after the President's announcement on further measures being taken in the Higher Education sector. 

Dr Randall Carolissen, Administrator for NSFAS, spoke to eNCA on the effect an extension of the academic year into 2021 will have on NSFAS and how NSFAS will go about it. 

Due to Covid-19, many academic programmes have moved online for students. Government has acknowledged that not all students have access to data and is therefore stepping in to solve this problem.

Higher Education institutions will see many changes on campus both externally and internally. Minister Nzimande addressed these changes as he discussed the direction higher education would take due to the coronavirus global pandemic.

Blade Nzimande, Minister of Higher Education, announced details on plans for TVET Colleges to complete the 2020 academic year. These include changes to be made to the academic calendar. 

The Minister of Higher Education addressed the fate of Universities and what predictions are to be made about the future of Universities due to Covid-19.