matric exam leak

The Matric final exams of 2020 were marred with controversy when it was announced that two exam papers had been leaked before they were written. The Education Department wanted the papers to be re-written but the courts ruled against them. An investigation had to be held to determine whether the final exam marks could be released. The 1 million learners who wrote the exams will be glad to know that the report has now been released.

The Department of Basic Education in Mpumalanga issued 14 learners connected to the matric paper leaks with hearing letters, requiring them to be interviewed. However Cosas has intervened cancelling these interviews. 


Schools in the Eastern Cape have been facing challenges with basic infrastructure for many years leaving learners to be taught in unsafe environments and affecting their quality of education. 

The government is being put under pressure to prioritise teachers for the vaccine rollout as more than 1 600 teachers have died since March 2020 due to the coronavirus in South Africa. 

Gauteng Education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi claims the Independent Examinations Board 'wants the poor to subsidise the rich' after the board approached the courts claiming it could not afford the services that Umalusi charged it for.

The Department of Basic Education is concerned about the number of teachers who have lost their lives to the COVID-19 pandemic and how this will affect the exam marking and the next academic year. 

The Constitutional Court has ruled that a limpopo matric's right to write one of his final exams has been violated by the acting school principal, after he was refused entry into an examination venue. 

The national Matric rewrites were set to happen today and Thursday but since that was decision was set aside, the Department has now reacted to it. Although the court has ruled that a rewrite won't take place, the Department still believes that it would have been the logical action to take.

Education activist group Equal Education are pleased that the performance contract of Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga has been made public as they say that the performance agreements will hold Motshekga to account. 

The High Court in Pretoria determined that the Department of Basic Education's decision to rewrite the two leaked exam papers was unlawful and irregular, Afriforum says it would be foolish for the DBE to appeal this decision. 

Unions have now gotten what they wanted. A ruling has come down that the national matric rewrite of Maths and Physical Sciences Paper 2 will be set aside leading to unions feeling vindicated by the judgement. The Department now has to deliberate on a strategy to restore the integrity of the matric certificate.

The provincial Education Ministers have accepted the decision of the High Court that the two matric exam papers will not be rewritten. However they are still concerned about the credibility of the matric exams and want further guidance from the courts.


The Department of Basic Education is still convinced that it is much better for Matrics to rewrite the two contested papers now rather than waiting to see what happens.  They have said that if the rewrites don't happen now, during the current exam session, the consequences could be far worse for Matrics next year if the exams results cannot be approved and released.

The Department of Basic Education's decision to rewrite and the fact that it is now being challenged in court could affect University admissions. The Department of Basic Education has said that if these rewrites don't take place, the exams would then have been compromised.

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) is in court today following multiple organisations taking legal action against the Department's decision to have national rewrites for the leaked Matric papers. DBE therefore had to defend it's decision.

Equal Education is said to not be convinced that the rewriting of the leaked Matric papers are justified and that Umalusi along with the Department of Basic Education have not given enough reason for this rewrite to be appropriate.

The Department of Basic Education has announced that two Matric exam papers will be rewritten and Umalusi is said to be on board with this decision and blames the human element. Both the Mathematics Paper 2 and Physical Sciences Paper 2 is set to be rewritten.

Student body COSAS wants to see Minister Angie Motshekga in court following her announcement that Matrics will be rewriting exam papers which were leaked. The exams were set to end on 15 December but will now end on the 17th.

The Department's announcement that Matrics will rewrite Maths Paper 2 along with Physical Sciences Paper 2 has received a lot of backlash. Some government officials are supportive of the decision while others are on the side of unions who believe the decision should be reversed.