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Thousands of candidates across the country are currently sitting for the May/June Matric examinations and the Basic Education Department has been pleased with how the examinations are progressing. 

As Matric mid-year exams kick into high gear this week, it is important for students to get an eagle's eye view of the significance and importance of these exams – to provide them with perspective regarding the assessment's role in the greater scheme of their final year, as well as their prospects post-Matric, an education expert says.


Some universities in South Africa require students to have a National Senior Certificate (Matric) and a National Bench Mark Test (NBT) score to determine whether the students are suitable to attend their university. Here's how you can register for your NBT.

Are you interested in studying at Helderberg College of Higher Education (HCHE) this year? The good news is that applications for 2022 are currently still open.

It appears that the 2021 final matric exams did not entirely proceed without any irregularities following an announcement by the Basic Education Department that hundreds of learners cheated in the final Matric exam. The Minister also outlined the interventions they intend to put in place to prevent such incidents in future.

The Education Department had been happy that it was able to overcome some of its matric 2021 challenges such as loadshedding and a storm that had resulted in exam papers being lost at one of its marking centres. Another storm that was still brewing was that of learners and teachers investigated for cheating in the exams.


Not happy with your Matric results? Well, here's your second chance. Matric rewrites give you the option of improving your Matric results should you feel the need to. 

You’ve made it! You’ve finished school. Congratulations! For most of you, this is just the beginning. You’ve just started your life – and you’re about to start a whole new chapter, full of challenges and opportunities.

As the matric class of 2021 receive their results this week, we at Careers Portal just want to say that we are proud of all the matriculants of 2021, and we celebrate your achievements, big and small. We salute your efforts in the face of challenges. 

Don’t miss your chance to have another go at getting the matric results you have always wanted. The Department of Basic Education has recently announced that registrations for rewriting the Senior Certificate examinations in May/June 2022 are now open and will close soon.

With the 2021 matric result due to be announced in three days and made available on Friday, the Basic Education Department has come under scrutiny over its decision not to publish matric results on Media platforms. 

Matric results will officially be available on 21 January 2022. The Department of Basic Education has clarified a few things in relation to the passing mark.


The Matric class of 2021 is set to receive their final examination results in January, and questions have been raised as to whether tertiary education is a safe bet for matriculants. Education experts have suggested that matriculants should consider a wider range of alternative options when pursuing career opportunities.

With the new year in full swing, the class of 2021 continues to anxiously await the release of their results. The Department of Basic Education has released its schedule for the 2022 matric results.

Are you considering changing careers or enhancing your existing skills but not sure what you what to study? Education expert Dr Carla Enslin has advice that may help guide you in making that decision.

Today we bring you IEB Matric past papers for Hospitality Studies. Matric past papers are a great way to prepare for your Matric final exams.

Today we bring you IEB Matric past papers for Electrical Technology. Matric past papers are a great way to prepare for your Matric final exams.

Today we bring you IEB Matric past papers for Dramatic Arts. Matric past papers are a great way to prepare for your Matric final exams.

Today we bring you IEB Matric past papers for Design. Matric past papers are a great way to prepare for your Matric final exams.


After a successful National Senior Certificate (NSC) examination period, marking of exam scripts were underway. However, for one marking centre in the Free State, the process of marking has been disrupted.