lockdown regulations


During President Cyril Ramaphosa's State of the Nation Address, he made many announcements pertaining to improving challenges the country faces. One of this involved the National State of Disaster as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Easter weekend is days away and Government has had to make some changes to the lockdown restrictions, which includes an alcohol ban. Fears of a third wave are now emerging.

In the Minister's new government gazette, Dlamini-Zuma said that it is not mandatory for children who are younger than six years old to wear masks in public.

Minister Dlamini -Zuma has released a government gazette which dives deep into the new lockdown regulations announced by President Ramaphosa. We've made it simpler for you, here are the new regulations.

International Relations and Cooperation Minister Naledi Pandor urges South Africans to be alert and take caution when travelling internationally over this festive season as countries overseas are entering the second wave of the pandemic and lockdowns may ensue. 

North West University's Student Representative Council is calling for compliance with COVID-19 lockdown regulations and to have action taken against those who go against the regulations. The University's management is now being called into question.

All South Africans are now waiting for the President to announce Lockdown Level 1. This comes as we see government consider the easing of further regulations with many experts saying that Level 1 is coming soon.

Students from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology were left stranded after being evicted from their accommodation and terrorised during the night. Students were also charged for criminal acts with a court interdict allegedly being taken out against them.

Parts of South Africa are seen to have dam levels at concerning capacities and the topic of water restrictions is then seen to be coming up. Locals are being encouraged to use water sparingly as a high demand is currently being seen.

The Health Department has recruited thousands of interns which they say is part of the biggest medical intern allocation programme in history. These interns will help in the frontline battle against Covid-19. South Africa is said to now be getting over it's Covid peak.

The alcohol ban has been lifted and South Africans have definitely been in a better mood since. However, this didn't come without strict instructions. South Africans have been warned by Government to be careful and behave or else the ban might come back.

Lockdown regulations around the tourism sector for travel, tours and accommodation have been eased with many more activities being allowed. Soon, domestic flights will be allowed aand you'll be able to take that tour you wanted to take and planned at the beginning of the year already. 

The alcohol ban has been ruffling the feathers of many South Africans since it was introduced. Now, medical experts are weighing in on the ban as well. Pick n Pay has also put in a word about it while companies from the sector see major decisions being made whioch negatively impact them.

If you were planning on taking an overseas trip anytime this year, you might want to reconsider. Best and worst case scenarios have been put out in terms of when international travel will be allowed. There is a chance that it will be allowed this month but predictions are also being made that international trips will only be allowed in 2021.

Steep fines are being introduced should you be found to have broken the new lockdown rules. The current penalties for not adhering to the regulations are based on the new lockdown level 3 regulations which were announces in June and July. Despite Government setting up these policies and fines, many South Africans are still bending the law the way they see fit. 

Restaurants have been hit hard by the lockdown regulations and they are now using the hashtag #JobsSaveLives to plea with the government for change. 

Restaurants will operate on strict terms under enhanced lockdown level 3. These terms include keeping daily records, making customers take screening questionnaires and more.  

Ramaphosa announced that lockdown level 3 regulations will be further eased and has granted South Africans further access to hairdressers, restaurants and other services. 

South Africa is close to completing the 3 month period that the state of disaster is valid for. The government must now go back to the drawing board before June 15.

Ramaphosa has ruled that you will be able to buy alcohol during level 3 but the tobacco ban stays in place. These changes to the lockdown regulations will come into play on 1 June, with further regulations in place.