lockdown level 2


During President Cyril Ramaphosa's State of the Nation Address, he made many announcements pertaining to improving challenges the country faces. One of this involved the National State of Disaster as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fears of a third wave of Covid-19 spreading across the country has lead the government to move the country back up to Level 2 of the national lockdown.  President Cyril Ramaphosa has addressed the country with another 'family meeting' where he has outlined the new restrictions that have been put in place to attempt to slow the spread of the disease.

Many fear that now that South Africa has officially moved into Level 1 of lockdown, a second wave of Covid-19 will be seen and the battle will start all over again. Prof Shabir Madhi, from Wits University has given us a look into whether a second wave will occur and also where the country stands with the vaccine.

Today marked the first official day of Lockdown Level 1 which sees South Africans gain more freedom as we inch towards our normal lives, or rather our new normal lives. Health Minister of South Africa, Zweli Mkhize, does not want citizens to become careless now as we move to the lowest level of this National Lockdown.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has said that technically, the country has run out of money. An Economic Recovery Plan will then be needed to get South Africa's finances back on track.

Students from the Cape Peninsula University of Technology were left stranded after being evicted from their accommodation and terrorised during the night. Students were also charged for criminal acts with a court interdict allegedly being taken out against them.

Regular South African citizens aren't the only ones hoping that Lockdown Level 1 comes into effect soon but so does the country's health minister. Mkhize seems very optimistic that it might happen sooner than we thought as statistics shows us many positives.

College students have been left homeless due to financial difficulties. This, they say is due to NSFAS being insufficient in their service and students then having many blanks when it comes to their funding situations.

Students at TVET Colleges have issued many grievances when it comes to how Colleges and the Department has dealt with the pandemic. With issues from maanagement, residences and NSFAS, students are not being able to continue their academic programmes in many parts of the country.

While the majority of those who test positive for the virus recover fully, there are a growing number of people who can’t seem to shake unusual symptoms that linger months later. Shakira Choonara, an African Union Youth Advisory Council member, says some of these patients develop what medical health professionals call post-Covid-19 lung disease, which is permanent damage to the lungs. 

By: Tebadi Mmotla

Higher Education, just like any other sector right now, is being turned upside down by the pandemic. Some Universities have seen some students return, some are deciding to not have students back and then there are some who can't afford to have students back. There has also been some surprisingly results from students while experiencing a pandemic.

Some of South Africa's favourite spots such as the Table Mountain Cableway and Sun City are now reopening and will be welcoming visitors again after months of being closed down. This comes as the country made the move to Level 2 of the National Lockdown.

High risk Universities in South Africa are expected to only finish their 2020 academic year in March of next year. With many Universities not having continued their academic programmes and some students having been left in the dark, is this possible? Will these students be able to catch up?

The department of Home Affairs has updated the services that are available under lockdown level 2. This is after some services were put on hold during level 5, 4 and 3. 

By Chijioke Nwosu and Adeola Oyenubi. Hunger contributes strongly to health inequalities. The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked substantial damage on human lives and the economy in South Africa. But the impact of the measures used to combat the pandemic, such as lockdowns, have not been even. The pandemic has likely worsened the income inequalities that characterise the country’s economy.

Metrorail is set to resume it's services in the Cape Flats today. This will be the first time the trains will be running across the Cape Flats since Level 5 of the National Lockdown was declared by President Ramaphosa. 

The Health Department has recruited thousands of interns which they say is part of the biggest medical intern allocation programme in history. These interns will help in the frontline battle against Covid-19. South Africa is said to now be getting over it's Covid peak.

Finally, Friday movie date nights are back and we don’t mean over video call. You can now enjoy the latest movies on the big screen again as Ster-Kinekor and CineCentre is set to reopen now.

The country has seen many positives in it's way of dealing with this pandemic and things seem to have eased as multiple provinces pass their peak. Now, officials are pushing for level 2 and many are speculating that the President might announce a further easing of lockdown regulations. Are we finally moving to lockdown level 2?

Cyril Ramaphosa engaged in a meeting with the leader of opposition parties and is under massive pressure to open the economy back up as well as go to lower levels of lockdown.