level 3

During his "family meeting" on Sunday evening, President Cyril Ramaphosa gave an update about the R350 grant. The second round of the grant kicked off in the first week of August.

On Sunday night, President Cyril Ramaphosa took to the podium as he announced changes to the National Lockdown regulations. These included a new curfew, lockdown level and a few other things so keep reading for all the details.

New restrictions have been announced in an effort to prevent New Year's Eve celebrations becoming superspreader events that shoot Covid-19 cases into even higher numbers. We have the full text of the president's speech.

With the spike in infections and the expected surge that is to come, the question of whether going out and meeting people makes you more at risk and if staying at home is actually good advice has been posed. South Africans have many opinions on this. 

It has been announced that in Advanced Lockdown Level 3 we will see libraries, museums and galleries reopening as well. This is in addition to cinemas, theatres and casinos. 

A gazette has been released which outlines the personal care services allowed during Lockdown Level 3. Following the President's address, details on when we can go to the hairdresser and barber and how this will be carried out have been given. 

Opposition parties have been voicing their opinions about the President's decision to allow other sectors to operate under level 3. Parties have mixed opinions about the President's decision.

The Pretoria High Court has declared the lockdown regulations of level 3 and level 4 unconstitutional.

The hashtag #liquorshops has been trending, as many people have been making their way to liquor stores to buy alcohol. 

Regulations have been eased, and this means that the movement of people is allowed under certain conditions. This is good news for those hoping to fit in a quick jog or cycle in the day.

To cope with the demands of Covid-19, the CTICC has undergone a transformation and is now housing a Temporary Hospital. Now, you can take a tour of this hospital. 

President Ramaphosa announced that the whole of South Africa will be moving to Level 3 and also announced regulations being put in place as well as which ones are lifted. 

Minister of Higher Education detailed the Department's plans to allow for the return of students to campuses. Within this briefing, he addressed which groups of students will return for campus-based activities at the different levels of lockdown. 

On Wednesday night, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that government would ease the restrictions on e-commerce in order to open the economy. This means that all online shopping is now allowed, but some products remain banned. 

Blade Nzimande, Higher Education Minister, sat down with members from his Department to brief Parliament's Portfolio Committe on what their plan to save the 2020 academic year looks like. Within this briefing, Universities were discussed.


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