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The Department of Sport, Arts and Culture has decided to extend the submission date of applications for the second wave of the Covid-19 Relief Fund. The initial submission date for applications was set for 31 August and 2 September. 

the convo covid

While the majority of those who test positive for the virus recover fully, there are a growing number of people who can’t seem to shake unusual symptoms that linger months later. Shakira Choonara, an African Union Youth Advisory Council member, says some of these patients develop what medical health professionals call post-Covid-19 lung disease, which is permanent damage to the lungs. 

By: Tebadi Mmotla


Even through a whole pandemic that's taking over the world, North West University students have managed to still produce impressive results in it's first semester along with a very high pass rate close to 90%. NWU is committed to improving it's quality of teaching and learning.


Parts of South Africa are seen to have dam levels at concerning capacities and the topic of water restrictions is then seen to be coming up. Locals are being encouraged to use water sparingly as a high demand is currently being seen.


South Africa's trials for a possible drug to treat Covid-19 has begun. Should this drug trial end in success and with the way it's being trialed, it could treat those most likely to be hospitalised for complications and aid that very result before complications from the virus arises.





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