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During his "family meeting" on Sunday evening, President Cyril Ramaphosa gave an update about the R350 grant. The second round of the grant kicked off in the first week of August.

On Sunday night, President Cyril Ramaphosa took to the podium as he announced changes to the National Lockdown regulations. These included a new curfew, lockdown level and a few other things so keep reading for all the details.

With the President engaging in a National Coronavirus Command Council meeting and the country suffering under the weight of the second wave, conversations of a lockdown level 5 being implemented seems to fill the air. Here's what we do know.

Covid-19 and lockdowns forever changed the way the world will do business, and accelerated the move of many companies towards conducting their business online, remotely and by incorporating new systems and processes into their operations.

Now that Level 1 has settled in and we've seen an obvious decrease in numbers, we now wonder about the possible second wave. Western Cape is going above and beyond in trying to prepare for a second wave as seen in many other countries.

While the majority of those who test positive for the virus recover fully, there are a growing number of people who can’t seem to shake unusual symptoms that linger months later. Shakira Choonara, an African Union Youth Advisory Council member, says some of these patients develop what medical health professionals call post-Covid-19 lung disease, which is permanent damage to the lungs. 

By: Tebadi Mmotla

Even through a whole pandemic that's taking over the world, North West University students have managed to still produce impressive results in it's first semester along with a very high pass rate close to 90%. NWU is committed to improving it's quality of teaching and learning.

Parts of South Africa are seen to have dam levels at concerning capacities and the topic of water restrictions is then seen to be coming up. Locals are being encouraged to use water sparingly as a high demand is currently being seen.

South Africa's trials for a possible drug to treat Covid-19 has begun. Should this drug trial end in success and with the way it's being trialed, it could treat those most likely to be hospitalised for complications and aid that very result before complications from the virus arises.

It's no secret that when it comes to administration, SASSA isn't exactly winning any awards. Now, with their SRD grant which sees vulnerable South Africans receive R350 a month being introduced during lockdown, issues have come up and a major backlog is now happening. 

Stage 2 allows for Universities to have 66% of the student body back on campus. However, not all Universities have opted to have students back. Last week, the Minister of Higher Education outlined the risk levels at which Universities in South Africa rank according to things such as safety on campuses and also how well they can implement online learning.

By Gwen Ansell. As COVID-19 lockdown clamped down in early 2020, musicians everywhere began turning to live streaming as a potential alternative source of connection with audiences and earnings. But how realistic were those hopes?

The department of Home Affairs has updated the services that are available under lockdown level 2. This is after some services were put on hold during level 5, 4 and 3. 

Health officials are now looking at whether South Africa will see a second Covid-19 wave and if re-infections are possible as the country sees progress in the battle with Covid-19. The next few days are therefore said to be vital for South Africa and will be able to tell us what to expect now that we are seeing a decline in cases across the country.

An office is a term that can be defined as an area where an organization allows their employees to perform business-related tasks. The main purpose of working in an office setting is to provide a focussed environment that helps employees fulfill their duties effectively. An office has all the necessary tools and resources needed to get the job done. 


The South African Union of Students, and many others, have been responding to the news that NSFAS pulled the funding of 5000 students. SAUS has now said that if the financial aid scheme doesn't make this right, they will take legal action. 

The Health Department has recruited thousands of interns which they say is part of the biggest medical intern allocation programme in history. These interns will help in the frontline battle against Covid-19. South Africa is said to now be getting over it's Covid peak.

There have been positive signs showing that South Africa is now able to take steps towards a life of adjusted normalcy, said Health Minister Mkhize. Life will never be normal again or normal in the way we saw before but this is good news as the country has been under lockdown for five months now.

Finally, Friday movie date nights are back and we don’t mean over video call. You can now enjoy the latest movies on the big screen again as Ster-Kinekor and CineCentre is set to reopen now.

The alcohol ban has been lifted and South Africans have definitely been in a better mood since. However, this didn't come without strict instructions. South Africans have been warned by Government to be careful and behave or else the ban might come back.