The final leg of the countdown to the final matric exams has begun, as over 700 000 full time candidates prepare to write. 

The Department of Basic Education (DBE) has faced difficult moments under the Covid-19 pandemic period. The disruptions throughout the different lockdown levels resulted in only a few grades being prioritised, leading to a higher dropout rate than in previous years. 

As the Department of Basic Education (DBE) hosted an event to celebrate teachers who go beyond the call of duty on Wednesday in Kempton, some teachers were being investigated for gross misconduct where learners are reportedly being victimised sexually. 

As cases of bullying and child abuse have become more apparent in South African schools, a new app has been launched in an effort to tackle these issues.

As an effort eliminate teenage pregnancy crisis, the DBE called for intensive sex education programs. In listening to the plea of the education department, Cabinet made way to decisive engagement on educational policies regarding teenage pregnancy.

The South African Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU) is calling for changes to be made to the current academic calendars that inland and coastal schools follow. The union believes this change will be good for the schooling system,

A National Accredited Technical Education Diploma (NATED) is an undergraduate qualification delivered under the support of the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations and the Department of Higher Education and Training. Read further to learn if NSFAS funds NATED courses. 

The Parliament Select Committee on Education and Technology, Sports, Arts and Culture has found that tourism students are faced with placement difficulties as employers close businesses. Students within the tourism industry could be faced with a dead end, said the committee. 

South African teachers have been identified by the South African Society of Psychiatrists as the forgotten group of professionals whose lives are not only under threat from Covid-19, but they are also faced with anxiety and depression.

More younger children have been reported to be dropping out of schools often as the Covid-19 pandemic becomes the emphasized cause by the Department of Education. 

Thousands of children in school going age, between 7 – 14 years old, have been reported to be lost by the schooling system. 

While South African schools have been marked as the playground for bullies, this extends to teachers as the LGBTQ community reports discrimination targeted against them. 

Investec offers a full bursary per year towards study-related expenses. Bursaries will only be offered to  applicants who are currently in Grade 12 or in their first year of University.

As a graduate you have your sights set on getting into the working world and starting the on-the-job training that will launch your career. 

The Department of Education in the Gauteng Province has announced the dates for online admissions for Grade 1 and Grade 8 for the 2022 school year on Sunday. Read further for more.

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The Teachers Council has launched a handbook for teachers on how to deal with violence at school. Teachers have been facing violence in various forms for years and the Teachers Council is finally acknowledging it. 

The school rotational system seemed like the good idea at the begin of the pandemic but, schools have found the new system to be failing. Learners are facing long-term learning and development issues because of the on and off rotational system. 

Western Cape are still dealing with thousand of learners who have not been placed in schools. The Western Cape Department of education are uncertain on what to do about the situation, while the Legal Resource Centre is working to uncover the reason behind the learner still being unplaced