Are you interested in studying an  Information Technology (IT) degree? This IIE qualification focuses on Information Technology Management and specialises in Business Analysis. IT remains a skill in short supply in South Africa. 

Are you interested in IT and Computers? MSC College offers IT programmes that you will love. Computers and Information Technology is the future! MSC Business College offers a wide spectrum of industry related IT programmes ranging from full qualifications to skills programmes with state of the art equipment, the latest software and exposure to a real life working environment.

Ninety One wants to invest in promising young matriculants, who need financial and non-financial support to help make their big ambitions happen and to achieve their goal of studying at a tertiary institution

In an era where technology is prevalent in the everyday lives of civilians, jobs in the field of technology have developed to keep up with this technological market. A career in Graphic Design is one of many occupations that have come to be as a result of technology, and with it, comes many institutions that offer courses that can help students in their pursuit of a career in the field of Graphic Design.

GirlCode, a social enterprise that aims to empower young girls and women through technology announces the dates for their sixth and last annual GirlCode Hackathon on the 3rd & 4th August 2019 in Cape Town and Pretoria.

Researchers at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) have urged young people to use their technological knowledge and skills as an advantage to thrive in the digital revolution.

The School of IT has introduced The Girl’s Lounge, sponsored by SAP and the Female Quotient. These host events to help female students network and find a comfortable space in the world of information technology.

Computer games are awesome. Whether you like strategy games, first-person shooters, adventure games, role-playing games, whatever, computer games are fantastic. If you like computer games as much as I do, then you might be thinking about making your own. So this week, we look at how to become a computer game developer.


There are many advantages to working in the IT sector. Even with the current economic downturn there is a strong demand for many IT functions at local and international firms. There is a very wide range of IT jobs available so it is necessary to do some homework and confirm exactly which area of IT would be best for you.


Most would admit that technology’s sphere of influence is increasing at an alarming rate. If you were considering following a career in Information Technology (IT), deciding on a plan of action for the future can seem quite daunting. However, there are many reasons why considering one of the many careers paths in IT can be very beneficial to follow in the long run.