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ISFAP refers to the Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme which provides bursaries to students with the ISFAP requirements being that they come from households with an annual income falling between R0 and R600 000 and are registered within the universities and courses that ISFAP partners with.

Part of the ISFAP bursary is that you get various forms of an ISFAP monthly allowance. ISFAP bursary allowance is a great help to students with ISFAP offering other support services to their students as well.

The ISFAP closing date usually comes at the end of October with ISFAP 2022 application cycle having opened in July.

Careers Portal brings you all the ISFAP information you need such as ISFAP student portal login, ISFAP login, ISFAP bursary login and the ISFAP consent form. We also give you guidance on how to submit your ISFAP bursary application.

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The Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme, better known as ISFAP, is in charge of the ISFAP bursary which extends to missing middle students. Here's when applications will open for 2023 bursaries.

The ISFAP bursary is geared towards students who come from poor and working class backgrounds, including the missing middle. Will ISFAP pay for courses which are done at private colleges though?

The Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme (ISFAP) provides ISFAP bursaries to students who come from poor and working class backgrounds. Here's whether they'll fund postgrad courses.

The Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme (ISFAP) Foundation NPC attracts investment into the future of our communities and the economy: its focus and practical approach is to support the ‘missing middle’ segment of students at public universities throughout South Africa.

As a prospective university student for the 2022 academic year, chances are, you're looking for assistance in funding your studies. Fortunately for you, ISFAP bursary applications are still open, keep reading to find out more about how to apply. 


If you're wondering whether or not you'll have to pay your ISFAP bursary back after graduating, the answer is right here.

If you are under the ISFAP bursary and are asked to complete the consent form but aren't sure where to find it, we can help you. 

ISFAP is the Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme, a bursary scheme that is targeted towards the missing middle. A question you might be asking is if they will fund you if you are a SASSA beneficiary, here's the answer.

ISFAP provides bursaries to missing middle students. However, will they fund students who are studying online? Here's the answer.

If you have a bursary that only covers part of your fees and wondering whether or not ISFAP will cover the rest, we have the answer.

If you're wondering what the difference between NSFAS and ISFAP is then we can help you. Although the two funds might be similar, they also have many differences.

Many students know that the ISFAP bursary will cover their tuition fees, but accommodation fees is also something that students need to consider. Keep reading to find out if ISFAP will cover accommodation as well.

ISFAP refers to the Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme which is a bursary scheme that is targeted towards the missing middle. You might be wondering whether they'll pay your registration fee if you're approved. Keep reading to find out.

The ISFAP bursary was put in place to assist financially needy students with their tertiary education. The bursary does not only cover tuition fees but also provides students with other allowances.

The ISFAP bursary covers a number of things, from tuition fees to non-academic student support. ISFAP is a form of financial aid created in 2016 that assists student who struggle to fund their studies themselves.

The Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme, you can call it ISFAP, is a bursary awarded to students who struggle to find funding due to falling under the missing middle. Now, do they fund TVET students? Keep reading to find out.

ISFAP is a bursary scheme which targets the missing middle in universities. Keep reading to find out which courses and universities this bursary funds. 

Are you interested in applying for funding to study at a South African university or TVET College? Keep on scrolling to find out if you qualify for the ISFAP bursary.

Ikusasa Student Financial Aid Programme (ISFAP) is a bursary for students who require financial support to study at a tertiary institution. Which you may think sounds similar to NSFAS, well keep on reading to find out if ISFAP replaces NSFAS.

If you're wanting to study further but fall under the missing middle category, direct your attention to ISFAP. ISFAP could be your next funding solution.