Internships in South Africa

If you are shortlisted for an internship interview, there is a chance that you might be offered the opportunity to work for the company. However, there is still one more stage you'll have to undergo before getting hired, and that’s the interview. Below there are tips of how you can prepare for those interview questions. 

Woodlands Dairy is now taking applications from those interested in filling an Automation Intern position.

Hilti SA is now taking applications for their Supply Chain Management Internships. They're looking for motivated individuals who have a passion for Logistics and who has the desire for career advancement opportunities throughout Hilti South Africa.

The CSIR annually offers a linked Internship-Studentship through the Southern Ocean Carbon-Climate Observatory (SOCCO), an inter-disciplinary programme hosted by Smart Places.

Unisa is now calling for applications for their internship programme. The positions available vary across different qualifications and areas.

If you have recently matriculated or you are currently in matric and, you are thinking about doing an internship but, you're unsure if you can, we have the answers you are looking for. An internship is the perfect way to explore in the working world.

If you are graduate student, be in high school, university or a college an internship is the perfect opportunity to explore the work space, gain work experience and possibly get paid. we have all the information you need about how internships work.

On your road to career success, you might hear the words learnership, internship and apprenticeship thrown around. It's important to know the difference between these and to also know which one you should go for.

Careers Portal sat down with Jaryd Raizon from The Knowledge Trust and spoke about what The Knowledge Trust is, what they do and what they offer!