IIE Vega School is an innovative and flexible education institution that provides high quality learning opportunities for students.

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Varsity College’s purpose is to provide “Quality Teaching for Quality Learning”, resulting in a premium tertiary education learning experience towards degrees, diplomas, higher certificates and Short Learning Programmes throughout South Africa. Students are encouraged to balance their pursuit of academic excellence with lifelong sport and cultural interests, while developing a sound sense of community.

As the Matric class of 2021 settle into the rhythm of their classes and exams, an education expert has warned them not to become complacent, but instead to knuckle down and give it their best sustained effort right until the end. Here are some words of motivation for the matric class of 2021.

According to research, the most sought-after skills for the future will be creativity, emotional intelligence and project management. It is essential to reflect on one's career - your current skills versus the skills set you will need. Check how you can fill the gaps to remain employable during and beyond the pandemic.

Zanele Zulu (24), is an IIE Higher Certificate in Business Principles and Practices, and an IIE Bachelor of Business Administration graduate. Zanele is a passionate entrepreneur who is determined to make it against all the odds.

Classes have started. However, registration has been extended until 2 March 2020. You only have 4 days left to register for 2020 academic year. Don't waste any more time and register today.

Many Matrics from the Class of 2018 currently find themselves in the fortunate position of having performed better than anticipated in their National Senior Certificate examination, achieving a Bachelor’s pass and qualifying for higher education access.

Terminology related to education in South Africa can often be very confusing, particularly when learners and prospective students need to consider the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and talk of accreditation and registration. It is however very important that prospective students get to grips with the terminology, as not doing so can have serious implications down the line, an education expert says.